Did Dantalion speak to me? Or is it my subconscious and I'm tripping

So Dantalion has been on my mind a lot since I started researching demonolatry. I don’t know if he “speaks” to me but he’s been on my mind CONSTANTLY and I keep doodling his sigil, and I read that he can do that to you. I also have a natural tendency to fixate on things hard though.

I meditated for some amount of time on Dantalion’s enn idk how long, maybe about 20 minutes. I haven’t invoked him yet but I’m planning to tomorrow night. I’m not super well versed in spiritual or occult stuff until relatively recently (3 weeks?) so I don’t know if I’m right and I also haven’t really been meditating regularly for more than a few days

When I became relaxed enough I heard a California surfer guy voice, higher than mine (I’m a guy with a pretty deep voice, ik what mine sounds like) say “Hey!”

Then I saw a shirtless guy with long blonde hair in swim trunks, filing his nails (I heard him filing too weirdly enough). He was sitting on a rock, I think near the ocean line. I remember faintly hearing the sound of waves. I started to feel REALLY really warm around my cheeks, neck and hands (probably because my hands were folded together) at this point, but I don’t know if that’s him or just a natural physical reaction…

Honestly he looked and sounded exactly like what I think a California surfer guy looks like. He said a couple things but I don’t remember them tbh. I was really trying to keep myself focused on the enn and not letting my mind go out of control fangirl mode like OMG is that Dantalion? I have a tendency to mispronounce Dantalion as Dantanian when I get too caught up in chanting his enn internally so I kind of felt a little embarrassed, but he said something like “nah don’t worry about it”. And that’s where I abruptly got up because I was starting to feel a little too excited and I wasn’t sure how to communicate during meditation. I’ve only been meditating properly a short time and I’ve had weird visions (that I’m pretty sure are from being half asleep), but nothing that was actually sort of coherent and clear like this.

I immediately went to pull a card to ask if that was him. pulled a King of Hearts. I don’t know if playing cards work the same way as tarot, and I know that Dantalion’s card is 9/10 of cups so really not sure if that really was him based on the card. But I know a King usually means a man. And I NEVER would’ve imagined him the way I did. Was envisioning like maybe a man with long thin black hair.

But yeah that was my experience that I had just now. I guess I can do it again later and see if this will happen again but I’m just really excited at the prospect I may have spoken to Dantalion. It was nothing I have experienced before.

I am still very sorry and embarrassed that I didn’t say goodbye to him properly :frowning: if it was him.


It could be. But it also could be a different spirit that is approaching you. When you see or feel it again, ask it for its name. It may be one of the demons of Datalion’s legions.



First, a lot of people who begin looking into Dantalion become quickly obsessed.

Second, evoke before you invoke.

Third, if you have a history of communicating with spirits, trust your gut. Otherwise, who knows.

Fourth, I have no idea what a surfer has to do with Dantalion. Is that a vision you got?

Fifth, if you’ve been researching, you’ll remember that while Dantalion is often referred to as “he”. he’s also quite the shapeshifter. Additionally, king cards don’t have to mean men. As you’ve mentioned, he often appears with dark hair (though I see him with thick hair (longer) and sometimes a turban).

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I’m a bit worried I’ll lose focus if I try to communicate especially during a state when my mind is supposed to be relaxed. Any tips or do I just try to keep calm while thinking? Not really sure how to do this.

I’m following Goetia Pathworking which only talks about invoking. I heard evoking was discouraged among demonolaters too. Any specific guides you recommend? Burning stuff is very inconvenient for me and I’d like to avoid it if possible

A typical blonde California surfer guy is exactly what I saw and heard (well the voice not as much). I use that description generally like I’d describe other tan blonde guys with long hair, not like he’s actually a surfer. It was a pretty clear image but the voice came first, if that’s a sign of anything.

Trust your intuition and keep training your third eye perception. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably never make many friends doing this, but why are people inviting superpowers into their homes without meditating regularly enough to know what their rituals are connecting them with? Dudes, the 72 are in charge of things. You tell them what to do if you have the training and the methodogies down. It’s an absolute fallacy to pretend you can be effective at conjurations of any kind without meditation. Thats how your mindset becomes under control.

Maybe you just got a bit complacent and likely it’s not what it looks like. Maybe you train your senses all the time.

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How are you spiritual senses overall? A reliable approach is to work with Raziel and ask him to verify the spirit, or ask Raziel to connect you to Dantalion. Use the first approach if you can hear/see/detect spriits consistently and regularly. Use the second approach if you need to develop your senses. For example, you pathwork to Raziel and then ask him to connect you to Dantalion. You will then take notes of Dantalion’s energy, presence, taking notes of his environment. You would then compare this to your initial impressions. I use Archangel Pathworkings Volume Two, by Jareth Tempest.


I’m going to continue to meditate regularly as I have been doing to get more experience and see if this continues to happen (also because it actually does benefit me generally). I am very eager to invoke (or evoke) Dantalion but probably not gonna do it tomorrow Lmao! Thanks to everyone who replied to me.

edit: I really didn’t expect any spirits to contact me this soon so … I will start protecting myself now lol.

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Interesting thoughts. I was very effective at ritual (summonings) without extreme meditation tendencies. In fact, spirits approach me still and my meditation habits are abhorrent. Some people have obligations and cannot train “all the time,” however if you mean every moment is one of training, I’d imagine everyone already “trains all the time.”

My suggestion and one you’ll likely find from others, is that you should evoke before you invoke. Evocation is calling a spirit to be present with you. Invocation is a nice way of saying (partial) possession. Walk before you run. Make sure you know a spirit before you invite them into your body and mind.

Demonolatry is interesting, especially if you’re interested in ‘pray & worship’ as opposed to 2-way solid and constructive communication with spirits. You have to choose what you want, don’t just pick a bandwagon and jump on.

I’ll repeat that I’ve never heard of Dantalion appearing in that form, but I’m not in your space and so that’s all I can say on that topic. What I will say is the energy a spirit/vision brings is often more important and telling than an image.


:point_up_2:to the OP this Is good advice


Not to split hairs, but really, any pantheon can be said to be in charge of things. Goetia is one of many options.

Interesting view, I’ve performed countless evocations and up till recently, was lacking in meditation. I did not meditate and still got consistent results and communication from the Goetia.

You cannot loosely quote me in the future and expect us to be on good terms. In fact you hard quoted things which were lighter in tone, and changed connotations.

It’s almost like you’re doing it intentionally. Either way, i disapprove. Invocation is completely fine without any experience in evocation. I don’t use evocation restraint mechanisms.

Yes. This is true of what i said. “In charge of things” as in, whatever its in charge of. I do not intend to say things as in EVERYTHING. It seems to me that the way young adults speak has you confused with me.

I told you I didn’t understand your meaning. I additionally don’t remember concern for being “on good terms” with you or your approval of my comments.

On to magick related things, congrats on not using “restraint mechanisms” (although again, I admit I’m not sure what you’re specifically referencing here); I think it’s good to have a strong view on one’s personal practices.

Yep, just keep a calm and clear mind and simply ask “What spirit are you?”.


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I’m feeling a little bit confused by your overtones. I’m new around here and you appear to have some real experience with rituals, so I’ll just accept your congratulations and move forward. So, you feel that evocation renders an entity present within your environment and your conscious interaction while entirely separate from your own mind and body?

So do you. Your avatar, your words on evocation without “restraint mechanisms,” your thoughts on invocation. You seem to have some very strong views on the importance of meditation in order to communicate with (“conjure” to use your word) entities. I’d image you also have a bit of experience under your belt. My congratulations are just because I think it’s great when people have a system they like, you seem to take pride in your without restraint (again, I’m not sure what that means or I’d vary my language).

No. If I’m interacting with an entity it is also interacting with me. In that case, I don’t see how we can remain entirely separate in mind and body. But, there is still a distinction between this and a true invocation. From my perspective of course.

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Oh ok then. Is this, then, an appropriate time and place to discuss the small differences or however large you feel that they are between invocation and evocation? It is, after all, a thread dedicated to Dantalion and whether or not the OP has received directive communication from said entity.

If you start a new thread, you’ll get more responses!

Otherwise, if something isn’t on topic, it may simply be moved by mod.

Oh no worries. Ill probably just keep my opinions to myself and use the search tool, thanks.