Did Dantalion speak to me? Or is it my subconscious and I'm tripping

In a dream, I was praying to Beelzebub in the form of a statue,
then it disappeared and I stopped the praying to say "Beelzebub… while I resumed saying “Hagenti”.

I woke up and I didn’t feel a necessity to seek help or connect with such a spirit. Maybe he came but I didn’t bother, also the same with King Asmodeus as a dark cold blue-colored cloud of energy pushing a dark orange aura that it was Lord Belial. I took my time to reach out to him but currently I just have an altar for him. I don’t stress about it.

So time will tell you.

Dantalion can make one ridiculously obsessed with him, the like of which can pull a person down a rabbit hole with no end

I should know for I Too have there and still am there; only difference now I am enjoying the journey way more than I was in the beginning - maybe a bit too much.

Best way of knowing for sure is to simply ask him. Though during my early days in the occult especially the goetia (that’s were I started with magik), I learned even the mere thought of a spirit can create a connection to that spirit

Since you’ve spent time researching about him, I’d say there is some sort of connection between the two of you, how strong is that connection? You will know

What I do know is, if you ask him, he will tell you in ways that you will be certain it is Dantalion speaking

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: