Did base metal on orgonite must spiral form?

Hi guys, lately im interested with orgonite and want implementation on my magick and energy work especially related to dream, astral, servitor vessel and charging, and sigil/seal.

But i read metal base for orgonite must be in spiral form and if dont orgonite wont works, can i ask is this true? Because i see some people dont bother with metal form for their orgonite.


No it’s fine.

Orgonite is basically a talisman. You can made talismans out of anything. Same principle: YOU are the one making it magick. IMO as usual.

Otherwise imo it’s a scam based on a complete misunderstanding of what orgone is and how it works even compared to the authors works (spoiler, it’s qi, and metal does NOT conduct qi). It makes a somewhat pretty paperweight though.


Thanks, i think it is.