Did a loa kill this girl?

She tried to summon Papa legba to hex a black girl but instead baron samedi came and two days later she was found in her tub. Under he tweet on Twitter people are saying that she died because she tried to ask a Haitian and African God to hex a black girl and she is white. That cant be true right ? Im sure people have cursed Greeks using the Greek God’s etc.


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I didn’t read it, but I doubt all of the facts are apparent.

I am a very white chick with no known African ties and I work with the loa on a daily basis. Samedi is actually the spirit that walks with me the most.

I’m not going to pretend to know what he might influence or do outside of my life, but I do know I don’t believe in approaching the loa through any of the voodoo religious paths, including Haitian voodoo.

I swear most of them are sheep, believing what they are told and what they read, while missing the true path to the current which I describe as being a secret back door.

I don’t buy into most of the stuff you read on here, or online or in books. Much of it, even after supposed blind removal is still geared at making you fear, or taking excessive steps to connection or to gain results. I’m afraid most people never realize that and cannot pick the fruit from the garbage.

My views are clearly biased on my personal gnosis. Most people just want power and never care to Learn to wield it appropriately because they they think they know more, or better or whatever else goes through their minds when they walk a path as designed by someone else.


People say a lot of weird shit on Twitter


@Purrzum People say a lot of weird shit every where tbh. I’ve found very few people who when engaged in conversation even sound like they have a clue, let alone do.

Scare tactics and fear tactics run rampid in the mainstream voodoo world as I label it. Every time I find a new spirit I haven’t worked with, I go see what I can find information wise on the internet.

Each one has an even stronger scare tactic or fear tactic than the last. Must be a priest or priestess. Must do x y z then a b c and sacrifice ten c y r’s to safely request aid from this evil most powerful will Fck you over spirit.

Idk why the truth is hidden so well for this current. Only that it is hidden from most.


The thing with magick is all powers go back to source! So with hexing and cursing if you don’t have an outlet for the power to dissipate into then it gets back to you! That’s why you end up burying the working and washing your self! Also if you’re hexing a person with proper defences you better make sure your defensive measures are strong!
Its not the spirit that did this! Its the energy backfiring because this person wasn’t experienced enough!


I don’t believe race has anything to do with it and as someone else mentioned any magick performed comes back to the spell caster. Now imagine a hex? And I am pretty sure the black girl had protection. Also it goes without say that she sounds like a beginner who should not have been summoning papa legba to begin with. I say all of this considering the story to be true. You can’t believe everything you read.


That may sound like a newbie question but why do you believe that magic always comes back to the spell caster? See I respect Kurtis Joseph a lot and he made a video about cursing and that there should be a backfire for the one who curses but not in a negative aspect. The one who curses should be feeling a sense of peace after he/she saw the effects of the curse and get a sense of justice. I would highly appreciate it if you could elaborate why the spells always come back to its caster because that doesn’t hold true in my experience.

So my take on this is the following. Her subconscious mind adapted the believes of the people that warned her she did a ritual was successful accessing her subconscious mind and well there we go she died. Her subconscious creates her reality the people that warned her must have been held in high regards by her and by summoning the spirit she unfortunately doomed herself.

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Could you ask Baron samedi what happened?

Oh I forgot to mention that the only curse that backfired was one where I actually regretted to curse the target so putting things together I would assume that curses backfire if you feel guilt. I hope that does make sense

If you’re talking about justice then you are initially sending back the harm done to you to its source! The energy if it can’t do its job on the target, it goes back to the caster unless there is an outlet for it! Its just the law of energy! It has to go somewhere! If you are using more energy than you need in a spell it affects your surroundings until it runs out!

That is an idea too! Which indicates her shielding is weak to begin with!

By feeling guilty you called the energy you sent back to you…

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You make sense. I tend to think when magic backfires you a: underestimated your targets defenses, perhaps their ability to perceive you and react or b: you highjjnxdd your own magic and rerouted the energy with one of many things, including doubt, false or unfounded beliefs etc.

I did ask the baron and I got kinda of a smirk and this:

who’s to the say the black girl didn’t drown the girl herself to skew appearances In her favor. To the human mind perception is everything and if you are willing to believe that a spirit will off you for any reason does that not play to the surving girls favor in some way, essentially empowering her by those who will fear approaching the current in the wrong manner, or those who fear the girl is not only protected by strong spirits or powerful in her own right.

Granted the impression I got as I opened the link was that not everything is actually is as it appears to be.

I would also guess this is a possibility. Demons tend to appear to be scary evil beings to those who approach with that mindset. I do not see how the loa would be any different if you approached with the mindset that Haitian voodoo presents- they are dangerous don’t ever go there. Your own fear is your worst enemy in this game I call life.

What actually happened in detail is not for me to know. It does not pertain to me or my life so I do not meet the need to know basis. Better theories were bounced at me i believe for my own progression but not necessarily anyone else’s.

You will all choose to believe what you wish, be it the words as they are presented or as how I approach it. I have very little to do with it.


Nothing could possibly be more honest than “screenshots” on a random blog

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Makes sense, but I’ve read in one of Jason Millers books that it is legitimate to curse to get an advantage, but he usually blesses them after wards. So how does your system apply to this? Another question you say the energy return but lets say we employ a spirit to assist us the energy remains till the task is done or the entity is scattered. It may also play a role if you are an energetic vampire right? Because they are able to digest energies more (I hope this makes sense). How are you able to use more energy then required?

Thank you very much for asking the baron! Be blessed and thanks for the insight.

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Exactly. I often wonder when I’m reading on here why some of the people buy into what I would clearly label as garbage. I can only assume that not everyone is meant to walk a true path here.


When it comes to ethnicity on its own it doesn’t matter, however it can when it comes to ancestry. Many black people (myself included but I’m mixed) ancestors gained strength from the Loa as they were thrown into slavery. Some can have the Loa protecting them and their decedents. However, this is too open ended to say the Loa did this.


I have to agree. Whose to say I wasn’t African in a past life.

However if you dig deep in the right directions… You will find the loa have been around longer than the voodoo religious aspects.

I’m not implying there is not ancestorial links, or that the Africans of this lifetime do not have a link, but simply the system is older and more complicated than it is typically presented.

Me being the whitest chick ive ever met has certainly not held me back in anyway to date.


Being older is obvious yes but it doesn’t remove that they were held as a symbol of protection as well as revenge through generations.

Not to say I actually believe this story but it’s one theory.


I thinks more complicated than presented in the main stream current is all. I won’t deny that it is very possible and likely the ancestors of many worked with the loa, even developed a religion to hide it within so to speak. But I don’t think the religion has anything to do with whether or not you are able to work with the loa.

I honestly feel like the religions of voodoo are more to keep it quiet, hidden, and to keep outsiders afraid of the current.

For one reason or another it seems to be a current accessed by invitation. By a door around the backside.

Idk why I was invited, just that I didn’t take the invite till December of last year. I kept turning it down. After I entered it I was tested. Then the boyfriend received an invite through me from samedi. He walks closer with ogun which I find interesting.

We both were invited by different spirits than the one who primarily walks with us. We both were tested by the one who walks with us in similar ways. Each new loa is introduced to me or him by the last one we worked with.


@Velenos To be fair idk if I make sense. I don’t often find anyone who can speak on voodoo outside of very clouded religious judgements and rules. I find it rare to find someone who truly walks with the loa outside of the tight religious constraints that have become mainstream.

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