Devouring light

So I was reading a chapter of BMoA where @KurtisJoseph talks about devouring the gods of false light so has anybody here tried that ?

My question here is that is it like picking a fight with those beings ?

Please share your experiences :slightly_smiling_face:

False Light? Doeant really make sense. All Beings that could or Will exist consist of some light.


Well yeah it seems like that concept is from the Ahrimanic path (at least that’s how I learned it)

And I totally agree because some beings of light are only after enslaving us

Beings like Yahweh

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I don’t think the same goes for lord Ahriman because he’s darkness itself

I don’t think he has any light within him

If you’ve read BMoA or at least have worked with beings from that current you should know what I’m talking about

Light is a part of everything. Its the Life Force, it animates. Sounds to me more like people that talk about “Darkness” usually dont know what they are talking about and just want to sound edgy… Probably to make money.

Everything needs Light (lifeforce, energy) to animate and be a part of existence.


What is meant by “false light” is the group of entities of the White Lodge (or the “RHP” like so many like to call it these days) pretending to be “the true and only” in order to either enslave humanity, stop it’s spiritual growth or limit it in ways which would be beneficial for them only (- so entities such as Ahura Mazda, Jehovah, Allah, etc.).


Totally agreed

But please remember that when comes to the black sun we can’t say the same…

There’s no life or light in the black sun…

True again…

Even the darkest demons have light within them but we’re talking about pure darkness here which is something Ahriman is…

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EXACTLY @RaimvdallRetsiela

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“These lower worlds are a very persistent illusion. And the illusion is useful to us. The Infernal Empire appears to the human sight to be a dark, dreadful, and often terrifying landscape. This is how our senses can make sense of the thing at all, to assimilate the awareness that what we are encountering when we enter that Empire is beyond what our mortal minds should behold, and that indeed we are probing into secrets forbidden to our fragile race.” - The Book of Azazel (Note: this is not a section quoting Azazel)

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Yes but the way we see the infernal empire is thanks to thousands of years of programming while in reality by encountering these forces we should be able to understand it to the point a non proframmed mortal can

That’s what I picked up on with my intensive debate with him.

I see. Well that makes sense why they would be false.

Dude, isn’t it better not to pick fights with some unknown entity and instead focus on one’s own growth.

Well, if you are in the middle of such a clash of influences, then yes, it´s worth it. If not, then the answer would be no. It seems that people or more in the middle of the clash than before, so I think that it shows something.

@Meowlix to explain basically in the pathworking of the path of smoke, the Zanda magician understands it like this.

In the beginning there were two primordial beings, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.

Ahura Mazda is the God of light, stasis and limitation, order. Ahriman is the God of darkness, chaos, power etc.

So to embrace light is to embrace the false light spectrum is to embrace Ahura Mazda, which is to embrace weakness, stasis and to bend to the limitation of this creation.

However if you embrace darkness you embrace Ahriman, total unlimited power, unlimited possibility to become limitless and infinite like the void.

We refuse to be the product of this weak and stagnant light source in this world.
This is why we support counter reaction.
We become darkness incarnate and eat the light of the false ones, through the black fire of the soul we burn the limitation and stasis and weakness in the light before we consume it.

There by it becomes a pure source of power which fuels our darkness and expanding power, until we become limitless.


well, clash between opposing camp was-is-and will go on. Even if U categorize it into different pantheons, the conflict between two sides is prevalent in all of them. Very few can tell how it translates into our lives. Which pantheon controls which aspect.

So i think unless one is trying to poke his nose there is no way one will get caught in the middle of the fight. And it’s better that way. There is no end of shit that’s needs to be unloaded on individual basis. Goes for all.

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True, but then again, there is difference if certain forces want to enslave people or just claim ``territory´´´(I didn´t know what other term to use). There will always be this back and fourth action.

We must therefore battle against Ahura Mazda and his Spentas for they seek to limit man.
They seek to force the idealism of limitation and order in this realm.

Once you radiate the blackened fire of Zohak and ascend to the black sun, they notice.
They will then try and destroy you spiritually and cause shit in your mudane life too.

So you go to war with the false gods of light as a real god of darkness, “Destroy or become crushed”.


It is a rebellious task indeed. But a good one.