Devouing gods

What happens if I devouring gods?

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Absolutely nothing. If you can’t cultivate qi from the cosmos to get all the energy you need, “devouring” a “god” isn’t going to help you either.

If you mean invoke, then you gain the qualities of the energy you invoke, temporarily.

I can’t use sympathetic magick to vamperic a god?

If you can, you can. I guess I don’t see what the objective is here, but go ahead and try it.

Maybe start on something smaller so you can get reliable feedback and you have a clear idea what to expect when it’s working.

Like a hot cup of water, or a vegetable, or the sun, see if you can suck the heat or energy out those. Try a few things, if you can feel all that reliably, then you have something to compare against and a level of confidence about what to expect.

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I don’t know in general what I want with my life, so I seek a daily magical training program where I both strength and maintain my magical muscles and hinder aging.

Practice qi gong or yoga daily to increase your prana/chi.

Do concentration exercises (with visualized images, and sounds).

Practice absorbing the ambient energy from your environment and storing it within yourself. There’s no point in taking energy in if you don’t know what to do with it.

You can certainly vampirize a god, but you have to remember that the energy flow is a two-way street, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the god could easily vampirize you back. It might do so anyway, unless you have its permission to feed on it.


I do also need to train in creating my demonic elemental circle I use for any operation so I keep memorize it. Qi gong cannot do that as my circle is to small…

I do that already when vamperize the target. I use the breathing techniques from Bardon’s work Initation Into Hermetics and this include also visualization and mantras in working with the chakras.

I actual did had in mind to have mountain crystals around me in the circle I could vampirize.

Yes it would be best to make a pact with that specific god.

Do you not know what qi gong is? Qi gong is a system for building up your body’s chi. It has nothing whatsoever to do with casting a circle, though the stronger your chi, the more you can use the energy for magick.

Not even close to being the same thing. The focus and purpose between the two is completely different.

Again, not the same. A “mountain of crystals” is not ambient energy. It sounds like you’re trying to run before you can even crawl.

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My point is that I will do them all on the same time. Both training elemental circle creation, energy working and vampirism as a daily practice in one ritual.