Devils and Demons

Hello everybody what’s up this is a drawing of how I guess things are ranked. Correct me if I’m wrong but the top 3 Lucifer Satan & Azazel are equal??? At least in my eyes they are!
There’s alot I probably didn’t throw in there but to me it’s a basic outline of how things are working with spirits. Maybe my opinion is wrong that’s why I posted the pic LMK where I fucked up and it if not hell yeah. From what I’ve read and seen on video… This is how my mind views the empire.

Later Sol
P. S the skull is just a doodle :smiling_imp::skull::muscle:


When i started working with Lucifer he told me there are many hell’s, with many hierarchy’s but the greatest hell i know is the infernal empire here is that ultimate hierachy.

The Operator - The Magician

Emperor - Lucifer

Infernal Queens - Lilith, Naamah, Hecate.

Nine Demonic Kings - Balaam, VIne, Purson
Bael, Zagan, Asmoday, Belelth, Paimon, Belial

Infernal prime minister - Lucifuge Rofacle

The Gatekeepers - Azazel, Abbadon, Amaymon, Belial

The Infernal princes - Leviathan, Astaroth, Beezlebub, Behemoth, Orbas etc.

The Demonic Lords - Pazuzu, Nurgal, Marbas, Mephistopheles etc.

The list goes on and one, with dukes, chiefs and knights.


As in the Mesopotamian deity?

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Correct, you know him really well don’t you :wink:

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Well, yeah?

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Thought as much haha.

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What do you mean

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About Lucifer and Satan, yes, that synthesis (i.e. same level) could be made. In fact, some says the angel Lucifer fell becoming Satan, according to others they are two different entities. In the latter case, Lucifer would be emperor and Satan king, or Satan above all the demons and Lucifer presiding air/east… :confused:

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The problem with that is that belief was made by JCI dogma.

Lucifer is his own entity and Satan is his own entity.

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Wow OK very cool list. Most of the spirits I thought of being together same group and whatnot was kinda right. Awesome. Ty dude

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No problem brother.

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But where does Satan fit on your list.?? Jw

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Well Satan isn’t apart of the infernal empire he’s apart of other JCI hells.


Really so your saying Satan is a concept and image made by the church

Yeah that is my conclusion as well. I don’t even think they are of the same spiritual “species”. The Lucifer seems to draw me and I don’t even have the slightest urges to make contact with the Satan.

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TBH it feels like maybe Balg leans more towards luciferianism. And that’s being said having a blood pact with him. I am not a sheep and only go by E. A belief. Because I’ve heard him kinda make the same topic and list in the video he does " origin of Satan" I believe that “Satan” is a name or mask for something more… Just as Lucifer’s image and name got twisted.


Nor are any of us. At least not 99% of us. I take that rather insultingly sir… We all have upg, but a lot of us align with this I’ve found:

There are many different hell realms. I dont hold any beings in the light of worship besides myself. Nothing is above me.


I get what your saying but there’s always something bigger.

Bigger? Well of course. I’m not the source. I know I’m but a fish in the pond. Higher than me however, as was implied as a position of worship, no certainly not.

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Ah ok I gotcha :slight_smile:

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