Devils and Demons

Did I say you was a sheep.? No I voiced my opinion relating to the subject. If we are to discuss a “basic infernal kingdom” I would like to know one method of ranking and not bouncing all over the place changing things everyday.
The information that Kendall provided works… But sounds alot like E. A koetting but even he mentions Satan at the top in a video. IDK and I’m sure nobody has a 100% correct answer.
Far as other Hells go I’m very open minded to see that but wasn’t Lucifer Catholic bashed everywhere him and Satan being the same now we know they are not… I am sure these entities do not punish those who wish to know a truth and order of things.
Look I love all of them bro. Please enlighten me.

As far as I know he was a roman good actually. People just began equating him and Satan due to the word Lucifer being in the bible, Lucifer being a name for the morning star

Are we starting to argue over upg?


Ok but that goes back to the ranking. That drawing is an outline of my imagination on how I see the empire. But… Why did e. A put Satan and Lucifer at the top.?? I understand the operator is above all. Confusing as fuck is what this is.

Let me remind both of you, how pointless that is.

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I am not arguing I’m trying to understand a basic outline of the infernal empire but obviously there is no basic outline and there’s a different hell for each person from the sound of things.

Reality is greatly defined by perspective, so yes.


Oh brother how I know.

I agree on the point of perception changing reality.

Now I bid you both good tidings and pleasant evenings.


Ok so everybody’s right I guess. So those rankings are somewhat on point. Damn shit got deep. I thought the infernal empire was set in stone regardless of upg

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Nope. Spirits will let anyone keep a misconception sometimes, regardless of how wrong it is. It doesn’t really matter who believes what.

The only consistency is chaos.

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So in my Hell Lucifer and Satan maybe Azazel can all be equals where in somebody else only Lucifer or only Satan. Fuck I’m down for w/e.

I guess.

Explain. Please

You need to study the following:
How perception affects reality and the void concept.

Yeah. Sounds like another road with faces that mask energy with bodies. That what alot of this sounds like. The void and chaos and dark matter other dimensions and realms. Fuck

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Well that’s pretty much all paths unless you decide to work directly with source energy.

Diamonds upon diamonds.

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No I think the message tonight was to not read to deep into it and complicate it. Plus you guys advice of people having their own hell…something I didn’t know… Is pretty cool. Ty

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That’s another way of putting it.

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No I need more info. So when you say perception your basically saying our views are different and changes as our life does. Hints reality.?
And most of us follow the above ranking because shit gets messed up like tonight.
See I have a problem with that because it’s like saying my upg could put a knight above a king.
IDK :dizzy_face: I’m going to meditate ignore that. Peace

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