Destroying your Pacts!

OK sooooo I have 15 pacts all together most are for different reasons but some are for the same thing. After thinking and talking to King Belial the past couple of days I am now getting the strong urge to destroy all of them except his. And it kind of reminds me of what EA did with Azazel. But the thing is I don’t mind a clean slate but I really don’t want to destroy King Paimons and Lucifer’s
I do know for a fact there’s way to many and I can’t focus on all of them they sit in my BOS doing well… Nothing.
Honestly I’m not completely sure if some of them got accepted like King Balam and King Vine. Because I was and still am a newbie I am still learning and black magicians on here give me really good advice shout out to you guys. So I will burn all of them and give thanks but I wanted your guy’s view on keeping Paimon and Lucifer?


Keep Paimon, it goes well hand by hand whit Belial.

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If i am remembering right this was done after he had completed the 90 days of the pact. So he had completed his end of things before he was told to destroy it.


That is quite important. You can’t just go and say ‘well I just destroy every pact’ you have to complete them, or the entities will be very upset and angry. You don’t want to risk that right? :sweat_smile:

And if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Believe in your intuition.

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This is why it is important to know the difference between petitions and pacts. A petition can be throught of as a type of spell

This mind set sounds like you wanted to originally petition these spirits but were unsure of that so opted for pacts. You can find some details on petitions spells below, but a pact is like a legal contract only in this case with a spirit and your spirit, from the mental paradigms it is a contract with a aspects of self not normally active. As such attempting to terminate the contact is the same as breaking your word in the first case and lying to yourself in the second. Neither of which have good outcomes in the long run this is part of why pacts are taken so seriously.

Also some info on pacts.