Destiny Cards- Robert Lee Camp

Anyone heard of the Destiny Cards?

It is a system similar to astrocharts but instead of planets uses playing cards and you can see your life, calculate compatibilities with others… see how your life will unfold.

I had the books a few years and was about to get rid of them when I rearranged my bookshelves but decided to give them another try and done my life chart and a compatibility with an ex who I felt was like a soul mate or twin flame… never had such a crazy and deep connection with anyone else.

I was blown away… this system showed me that my intuition about the guy was right, we were destined to be together, Venus is all over the chart and even a few of our disagreements appeared there.
I did it for my mother and father, mother and her 1st boyfriend (who she still has on a pedestal lol) and for me and other guys in my past… Crazily accurate but the most crazy stuff was that they did confirm to me that what I felt about this ex of mine was true… no other relationships I looked at through this system came close, not even with my ex husband.

When I did my life path it described my childhood to a T.

I find it a bit frustrating that we do have a fixed destiny though…

Kinda sounds to me like you make what you wanted to have happen happen. :woman_shrugging:

I don’t believe in destiny, because I believe accidents happen, and in free will and you can’t have both. I do believe is strong currents of energy that make things very likely and difficult to change. But a strong swimmer can hold his own.

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Not true. We are broken up and only did the Destiny Cards a year after we broke up and it even tells about the exact nature of the tensions between us.
I also dreamed of this guy 2 years before I met him.
I do believe there is a destiny, you may not like it, neither do I but … I tested it and it is what it is… lol

We shall have to agree to disagree then :slight_smile: I think you could have chosen other ways and we’re not forced into this. Congratulations though, it sounds like it worked out, and that’s the main thing.