Describe the spirits you've summoned!

Hey everyone!
I’d like you to share the look of the spirit/demon you summoned…like do Baal in the goetia does he really come as creature with 3 heads or cat head, etc… So if they won’t mind you to share there look then go ahead😋
Thanks for your time!


Archangel Michael showed up as a soldier with armour had a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.
Orobas showed up as a horse.


What about Archangel Michael was his face serious and did he have beard or something like out of ordinary😅
And for Orobas just a normal horse? ,-,

My astral sense are not open completely yet, Thats all I could feel and see :slight_smile:


Belial once showed up to me as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.


Lol pretty sure none would expect Belial to come as Mike Wazowski :neutral_face:


Ive never summoned but that doesnt mean they dont pop in from time to time lol I have had a shadow, about 6 feet tall, big and buff standing next to my couch. Was just standing there with his arms crossed as if waiting. First image that popped into my head was a Djinn. Coulda been Mr Clean I suppose. From what I remember over the past few years, I am the one who has been summoned, and thats strange to me.


Azazel as a short cloaked dark figure with his left arm a black viper and utter darkness under his hood.

This is what i would call a physical manifestation.
No evocation he just woke me up from my sleep and started poisoning me with his black Alchemy.

After that I converted to the LHP :slightly_smiling_face:


I evoked Sitri the other night and he changed shapes a few times. When I soul traveled to infernals home I called to him, he came as a man on a black horse with leopard skin. Once he followed me back into my temple he was on the horse but he and the horse were primarily a blue energy silhouette of the same image I saw before hand.

Belial always comes in a standard hollywood gargoyle type of figure.

Piamon came exactly as described and I read his description AFTER i evoked him.

Chamael came as a man in a white loose fitted one pc robe if you will, with a bird on his shoulder.

Mammon comes as a very overweight man w red eyes, african american.


Pic of Belial more or less as I see him here (limit is my artistic skills but it’s pretty accurate): My “Belial Files” : 2017 Update


Kali. She is dark as night, all black, with a female form of course. She won’t let me see her face, because maybe there is nothing to see, except more darkness.



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Lucifer - appears as he does in Lucifer de Liege, immaculate and gorgeous. Now, I’m seeing his darker side which is similar yet different.

Price Sitri - Androgynous male figure, sassy and playful. Tricky. And he’ll make you hot as fuck

Duke Dantalian- male with many changing faces. Many faces period, but they changed to even more, constantly. Wears a green dress? Almost Victorian looking. He’s snobby, he didn’t care much for me. Brainiac.

Astaroth- appears as a creature? Not male or female, slightly terrifying and takes your breath away. But exudes love and comfort for this she loves.

King Paimon- middle eastern attire though his facial features are more Latino to me. His hair was once braided and another time cut short. He always takes his head dress off for me.

Azazel - I never called but he watches over me - black mask covering his face that’s pointed, shirtless, has black paint on his chest and arms, camel color pants

Belial - protected me recently- rams horns, two sets with a man’s face. Also shirtless.

Lilith- raven black hair, immaculate white skin. Smells intoxicating, feels like you want to crawl up inside her.


You’ve made so many summons :0

Oh no there are others who have done way more I need to catch up! :joy:


Recently the demonic kings have started speaking to me in that same electronic “demon voice” from EA’s videos. You know what I mean… That’s probably because I laughed at the dramatization and the showmanship of BALG in the past. Read the comments on his Bael evocation and people are asking if it’s really the demon’s voice or an electronic drama added for emphasis… The irony is they’ve taken to speaking to me in that way as some kind of dark humor possibly.


Belial summoned as a grotesque face with skin falling off of him, mammon summoned as a blue bearded man with a crown, there is a lot ive summoned but these are the two that stick out to me.

Rapheal summoned as a man with silver hair cloaked in light


King Paimon came to me the same as he has for everone else basically
Belial came as a copy of me but with yellow eyes
Belphagor came to me as a man with deer antlers
Beelzebub came to a friend looking like lucius malphoy
Azazel came as a cloaked figure/ also seen him out of the corner of my eye wearing a blue shirt
Lucifer came as if i remember right a chill kinda surfer looking dude
Forneus came to me in a dream kinda looked like a dragon priest from skyrim
Salos came to me as a knight in red armor
i think thats all but ill add more if i remember


*Lucifer appears as a white short ,7 year old boy with wings and one horn on top of the head .
*Satan mainly shapeshifts ,once I get comfortable with one look he transforms to another .Trickster dude ,I love him.
*Goddess Heralah appears with blonde hair /golden hair ,she radiates sapphire kind of colours.She leaves a sweet smelling essence behind after she leaves.
*Lucifuge appears as either an old man in a white cloak or as half man with legs of a goat. I have never physically evoked him ,during an invocation ,its like he evokes me in it too and I find myself in a void with him witted on a rock .
*Maymmon appears with dark complexion and dark wings too with a deep voice.
*Azazel (lol) ever hiding his face with a black cloak.But he is built ,masculine that is.
*Adramelech - appears with a leather cloth and with bear chest .That eagle bird that he comes with though ,really scares me .
But these demons all can shift their appearance so I do believe they can take on any form of appearance.


I forgot Duchess Bune! I’ve only seen her face. She looks Egyptian but has dimples cheeks, chin length black hair and side swept bangs. She’s always smiling and exudes happy energy.