Demons to revive people

Do there exists demons to revive people if their body is not destroyed?

Once dead, stays dead, especially if they have been dead for some time, if a God of Death cannot literally bring someone back from the dead a demon would not be able to.

In some cases the brink of death is much more plausible.

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What if they have only been dead in 1-2 seek?

1-2 seek? as in weeks? than they are long gone, you’ll only find an echo of their energy.

if you mean seconds then I can’t say as medically it’s between 2 to 20 seconds before the electrical pulses in the brain is completely flatlined.

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I was referring to right away after dying. Do there exists demons that can give the body electrical shock so the heart start again?

You can look into Bune, if that does not work a Deity of life, death or a deity of both.

it’s called a defibrillator. It’s a machine that is designed to do just that. Far less effort required than summoning a demon who would probably just tell you to use one anyway.


I was thinking about Bune.

So there are no demons with such a power or skill?

None that would be able to do it faster than science.

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There are some tantric methods to do exactly that. The tantric sciences in India this is their whole thing to make a dead walk.

There was historically recorded event that one yogi did used this art to revive the bird the art was called Surya sparsh. But unfortunately it takes years and years of intense practice for someone to perfect this art and that too in a guidance of a guru who have had mastered this art. And I don’t think there are any guru’s around this time who have mastered this art.

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Hysterical :rofl:

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don’t believe so much what you see in movies.
common sense physics of the physical body. Once dead, it’s dead. It’s not hard concept.


That’s probably one of the instances (from the extents of levitation down to simple magick for material goals) where on one hand, some knowledge was lost and on the other, facts were exhaggerated… Gotta be slightly irritated at fiction authors and such.

Yeah in with wise pup on this dead is pretty much dead.

Only magician I know of who could do damn thing about it was Jesus. ( According to legend)

I asked my teacher about this one day and he said " don’t make a religion out of a parlor trick"

Just my take on it.

if you figure it out. you’ll be rich. tons of people want their dead loving best friend pet back.

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After reading pet cemetery I’ll pass thx.

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I thought you would love to have some kind of adventure happening even if it parallel pet cemetery. It’s an experience to die for. lol :rofl:


According to legends, great sufi Abdul Qādir Gīlānī has similar feats. I simply can not bring myself into believing it.

Yes. :laughing:

Are we the victim part or the one who will come back from dead?

which would be more adventurist for you? go with that.

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