Demons to revive people

Yeah, pet cemetery was terrorizing me when I went crazy. I thought my cat was possessed by my dead cats even though she was acting totally normal and not like either of my dead cats, I was still terrified. It didn’t help that prior to that, the book went missing and reappeared in the cabinet where I keep a bunch of goetia seals I made.

Suggestion, if you are starting to lose your mind, don’t read Stephen King books, or even look at them. He has a lot of unpleasant things in his books that you don’t want to happen. ( IT is another one that comes to mind, you don’t need to start thinking everyone you see is Pennywise. It didn’t help though that my husband got rid of IT because it bothered him so much, or the fact my son got obsessed with IT somehow)

Also, if your romantic partner collects Stephen King books, don’t get rid of the books behind your partner’s back. Doing so might just drive them crazy, and then where will you be?

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Oh yeah IT was the worst.

i love horror genre. they aren’t scary to me. it’s entertainment. lol.