Demons to cause madness

Which demon is best to cause madness (depression, nervous breakdown, schizophrenia, etc)?
I’ve read that Haures handles it well. Can you recommend any others?


From the book “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” which I have had very good results with :

Magoth - Cause somebody to lose all hope.
Fasma - Cause somebody to be paranoid.
Turitil - Cause somebody to experience panic and anxiety.

Those are the general descriptions of their abilities but you can customize your request to be more specific. These demons will have the power to achieve results.

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Dra’talon from the Book of Azazel dies this, but the end goal is the the person dies, so he’s not the one if you want them kept alive.

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Disodoria, the Demon of Madness, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame by EA Koetting.

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