Demons/spirits not asking for payment

I usually view spirits as helpful and caring, so maybe this is why, but they don’t usually ask me for things in return, or if they do it’s a self betterment thing that’s more of a guideline than a rule. Why is this?

I have a question: Payment in dollars or euros?

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Ha. No, I meant usually they ask for something in return, but for me they don’t.

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I agree with that too, although I offered my blood on my own will ,but Duke Sallos just like" OK ,I will help you witj that." I feel very thankful with that

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Amon, making the sun collide with the earth: yeah okay i guess

Nothing is ever free even attention is payment, everything and everyone has a motive even if it’s service to self or service to others.


Well, Amon probably is trying to win… I dunno… Influence? Word of mouth? Dunno!

Some years ago Nyx made a big appearance in the psionic community, her goal was influence. A handful of people were visited by her in a short span between one another.


What Velenos said. Never underestimate how much energy humans have to give, or that just by talking to the entity you are doing exactly what it wants already. For some of them, what they do is thier purpose, so you help them fulfill that by improving yourself. Win win.


See, I come with a payment in mind for this reason. There have been times where I was offering too much (amount, frequency), where they rejected it and set it at something similar.

When they come to me and offer, that’s different. Normally, this involves me being ill, which has happened a lot since I was in Iraq. Specifically, I’ll be sick as hell and Leviathan will show up and offer to help, often asking for nothing in return, as I will need/want his help later with my goals.

I still pay him, but indirectly. I live near the ocean for now, so when exercising, I hail and praise him. Even if I haven’t been sick for a while, so this means he gets my gratitude 2+ times per week.

If I still feel a debt is owed, then I will offer some blood on a sigil during my monthly Ancestor Worship / Thanks ritual.