Demons of magick. Font in word

For all those who have reviewed the book “Demons of Magic” by Winterfield, they will have noticed that in one of the rituals it is asked to write the request in a coded language, this with the purpose of making the request in a short sentence using a kind of sigilization.
I have been thinking of creating a font in Word with the characters of the Winterfield coded language to write the requests for the ritual from my computer since I have never been good with the strokes, coupled with the fact that the writing process in that language is somewhat complicated.
What do you think about it? Is it taking away magic power from writing on a computer and not by hand?
Do you think that letters for a request spell could be written in that language in a simpler way?
Will that affect the effect of the ritual?

I read the ritual with the code you mention. Using a computer I think would be fine as your intent is still there when typing it. If making it into a sigil, you can still print it and charge it.

It does not have to be perfectly written as shown in the book. Your intent is what gives it power.

The ritual will not be effected or damaged by typing or changing the code to make it simple to write. Again your intent is what powers it.

Winterfield loves his cypher so he pushes it in the ritual. If you make your own it will work the same.

Hope this is helpfull if even in the slightest. And if I misunderstood anything let me know.

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Terrible idea.

One of the most important parts of the process is to engage your subconscious mind in your aim and, at the same time, create a distance from your conscious mind, so that you look at the sentence cyphered and don’t understand readily what’s written. But, before you come to this part of looking and don’t understand, you MUST have went through the former stage, which is to “put” the message inside your subconscious mind by spend time converting the sentence according to the cypher.

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You can write the request in word using the font, then print the paper and trace over each letter with a pen. This should put enough effort into the request.

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part of the power is in the actual use of your hands to write the code. that’s part of the magick process. figuring out the code and writing it gives it more clear and powerful energy.

trying to take shortcuts is never the way to go. that change the whole process. might as well dismiss all the steps if you gonna change one of the steps and create out of thin air any magick steps…

It’s not hard to follow the steps. it’s already broken down to make it as easy as possible. i don’t get why people try to complicate the steps.

the symbols are easy to draw. it’s not complicated. it don’t have to be exact as long as the strokes are similar. And along the way you learn a new skill of copying symbols. maybe you do enough to forge signatures level. lol

Or just skip first ritual and go to the 2nd ritual method if you don’t want to do process of ritual 1. me? i just went to ritual 2. i didn’t bother with ritual 1 as i don’t like extra props. lol. ritual 2 /3 have less items to deal with.

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That’s fine.

Compare it with things like the Seals in Angels of Wrath or Angels on Omnipotence, where the method is simply to use a magickal gaze, letting your eyes flow over all the shapes without intentionally trying to read them.

If it works for printed seals and sigils, it will work for this.

I think what people are trying to say, is to avoid skipping out on forming the energy and directing it with your intention, which takes a little time. You get out what you put in, but that doesn’t proscribe what it is that you put in exactly.

Intention is everything.

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