Demons not listed in the 72!

If I wanted to ask a Demon for help that I don’t know the name of. How do I do that?
I heard there are thousands of demons but I wanted to ask one for help that isn’t called on so much for tasks… All of it would be to The Glory of Lucifer as my God since he is in charge. Im just curious.

Every spirit in the Goetia has thousands of spirits under their command. Ask one of the ranked (the Princes, Presidents, Kings, etc) to send you a member of their legions to work with. It’s the legions that do the majority of the heavy lifting when you summon a ranking demon anyway.

The hierarchy of the Lesser Key is hardly the only list of demons in existence, and Lucifer is “in charge” only in the minds of the Christians that wrote it. There are plenty of demons outside of the hierarchy that Lucifer has nothing to do with.


I was curious on some of your other posts that the power of the spell performed or demons action depends somewhat on the power of the sorcerer.

Does this leave it open that the person ranking them did so based on their own abilities and that another sorcerer could well experience something more or completely different?

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You can summon demons regardless of your religion, there is a large list here:


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This is going to be really useful and interesting for me.

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Personally, I think the ranking was done based on what the magician believed was the way things worked and the spirits simply conformed to it. Over the centuries, as Christianity was cemented as the dominant worldview in the Western world, magicians accepted the hierarchy as written without really questioning it.

Experience shows that the spirits of the Lesser Key do indeed show deference to Lucifer, but I don’t know if that is because of the truth of the hierarchy or simply because they respect power, and there is no denying that Lucifer is a powerful spirit.

In the Dukante hierarchy, for example, which lists demons in “families,” Lucifer is listed as an Air elemental, not as “Emperor of Hell” like he is referred to in the Lesser Key, and Satan is listed as King, being at the head of the first family.

Edit to add: I also think it is important to remember that the magicians who wrote the Lesser Key never evoked under their own power but were dependent on the authority and power of God to accomplish their magick. They needed God’s permission to have the demons fulfil their desires, and so, if their magick failed it was “God’s Will.”


Hi, Lady Eva,
Thanks so much for the link, I have the full pages of the LIST OF DEMONS.
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There’s also a book named The Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Bellanger (I think). It lists over 1500 names. It’s very interesting, I’m still in the A’s :joy::skull:

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Thank you very much for that explanation my friend :slight_smile:

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Hi, Kaykatexo,
Please how can I get such book: The Dictionary of Demons, or any website or contact to reach.

I would also check out V.K. Jehannum’s website. He has a VERY extensive list of Demons and gods that hardly ever get any attention. I Can’t think of his website at the moment. just google him, and you will get a link to his website


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