Demons in Dark Magi

So in the book I’m writing, demons exist as dark spirits who challenge celestial authority and create change within the universe. To go by dnd alignment, they may be good or evil but are strongly chaotic. They are obsessed with possibility and enjoy experimenting with mortals, seeing what could happen. This can range from fucking up someone’s life to actually lending a helping hand.

The source of all demon power is desire. Desire is the driving force within the universe that creates motion. Without it, both nature and society stagnate. Desire can be a powerful force, but it can also be consuming. So those in life who are consumed by their desires go to the demon world after death. Their own minds torture them. Some of these souls become residents in demon society. Others go insane and become dangerous, even to demons. The more benign of demons warn mortals against being enslaved by their desires.

Demons came in six different types.

Imps are young demons. They are small fiends often seen accompanying greater demons. As an imp is exposed to mortals, they absorb desire and become greater demons.

Grigori are the cross between celestial and infernal. They represent desire for knowledge and wisdom. These demons resemble fallen angels, but with purple toned skin, black wings, and horns. They still hold their angelic nobility mixed with demonic independence. They are the more benign of demons.

Malabranche are the classic demons you see in media. They represent desire for power. They are hulking monstrosities with great horns, wings, and tails. They absorb the fear and anguish of souls. It torments them, so they vent their pain on those who cause the very pain they feel. However, they are greatly loyal and protective.

Succubi and incubi (both together called succubi) are demons who represent desire for pleasure. They are hedonistic but not destructively. They are tricky and enjoy playing with mortals. A succubus/incubus can however feel strong compassion, but the actions they take in that compassion isn’t always beneficial.

Sir’im are the demons you see in goetia. They represent desire for wealth and take chimeric forms made up of human and animal parts or as humanoids mounted upon beasts. They offer knowledge or favors but at some price (not souls). They enjoy sweets and confections. However, they often urge their pupils to use their teachings to some goal.

Div serve the first demon lord, Ahriman, before he was banished. Ahriman took it and twisted it out of spite to create the first undead, thus the Div were made from demon kind. Div resemble demon forms but deformed, diseased, decaying, or wrapped in pain. Often with skeletal forms. They twist desires into destructive forms and only cause pain and suffering. They are truly evil and hated by demon kind.

Behemoths are powerful demonic beasts that represent the desire to survive. They are no different from animals but highly predatory.

The Damned are souls that arrive in the demon world after death. Their minds torture them with visions of the pain they both caused and experienced. Damned souls can become citizens of demon society in some parts of the infernal plane. Though some can’t handle the pain and go insane.

Abominations are damned souls who mutate due to the pain they experienced. They become mindless beasts feeding upon the same negative feelings that consumed them. They are dangerous, even to demons.

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Another name I found for the Grigori are “Archangels of the Night”. More of a Celestial name for them, as “Grigori” is more of an Infernal