Demon's help in opening chakras

Can i request some demons to activate/open my chakras? Its not that i’ll totally depend on them to open my chakras, i’ll
Meditate on their sigil everyday nd give blood nd honey offering, so is it possible? Can i just do that? Nd also unlock the ability to see, hear nd feel, is it possible? Can demons do that for me?

They can help you train your energy body but they can’t open something already opened.

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No i meant to activate them

They can kick start the abilities you already possess by feeding energy into your system, but you will still have to work on building your skills through developmental exercises. Spirits aren’t a short cut to not doing the work.

@anon48079295 already answered your question. Your chakras are already “activated.” You just need to strengthen them through energy work.


Oh, so i just have ask them to kick start my chakras nd i’ll surely do my part but i just clueless abt which meditation to do to strenthen my chakras, nd i know u’ll say to search the fourm, i already did, some r too advanced nd some i just didnt understand

You can, I asked Satan if He could amplified my senses, which He agreed.