Demons for Gay Males

Grimoires that catalog the domains/powers of demons and entities were, of course, written in the context of their times and thus, tend to exclude references to man-on-man love, sex, and culture. Obviously, the culture that modern gay males live in is a creation of the modern age. So when I’m looking for demons to evoke/invoke for a particular issue I have, I sometimes have trouble pinning down the right one, wondering if love and sex are universal to demons and thus, those that will make a “woman fall in love with a man” would work man to man.

I’m inclined to believe that love, sex, etc. to demons and other supernatural entities are universal and it doesn’t quite matter about the material bits of our bodies, but then I read about demons who help with female fertility, etc., so the material bits DO matter sometimes.

My overall question is: has anyone experienced any serious differences between demons when it comes to sexual orientation? Do they basically operate the same regardless of the orientation of the magician? How does transgender issues play into this? Are there demons who enhance the male bits for fertility the same as those for females? Same demons?

I’m curious to the experiences folks have had.

Also, just to be clear, I’m a cis-gendered, gay male and am approaching this discussion from that lens. I’m not trying to discount the experience of lesbians, transgender, etc. or any other letter in the LGBTIA+ alphabet. I’m just going to discuss this from my own viewpoint and allow others who can represent those experiences do so. Everyone’s voice is welcome to get a full picture, but I’ll only speak to my own experiences.


Never, I find that what’s written doesn’t matter about them most of the time. Sexuality I’d say they’re flexible with preferences just as humans are gay, bi, Pan, etc.


Demons could care less about gender identity or sexual orientation. All that matters is that you’re respectful.


Do you think that a given demon’s “portfolio of influence” (say, over “female fertility”) would also be this flexible? Can any given demon do anything it wants? If so, why do we even tag them with such portfolio’s of influence in the first place?

Yes and I honestly believe it’s because people read a book about someone else’s experiences and take it as fact so they don’t try to experience the being from a non-front loaded point of view. In this I mean most read what a book or article says about a being first and forget it’s a single person’s experience that’s been regurgitated over the years instead of going to experience first then check is it matches others or not.

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I tend to agree with this. In reality, what makes these grimoires we pore over written by ancient magicians more valuable than our own experience? We write grimoires, right? I always tell folks to “listen to yourselves first.” I just wanted to check my thinking…

It’s because with so much hype people see them as respected individuals in the occult sense. For example ( and no offense to anyone) this very site is built off a handful of people following what EA says like it’s the gospel rather than experiencing it themselves first.

The difference between us and the people from the past is that time made their work respected and most likely in the future our own work will be the same. They experienced first and wrote their experiences down. Some of us tend to read their experiences then delude ourselves into viewing it as a “so that being must be only for that” but they aren’t servitors with one purpose they are living beings who can grow, develop, and do much more than what one person called on them for lol.


They do grow. One reason I follow Marbas is that his “engineering” aspect depicted in grimoires has evolved into “knowing how systems work,” so it’s advanced with the technology. I do a lot of python coding at work, so it’s a good fit.

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The same reason that there are doctors who specialize in certain parts of the body (ex. cardiologists, dermatologists etc.).

Specializing in those areas doesn’t (and shouldn’t) determine what you think of certain groups of people.

Okay…so back to my original question, in our collective experiences, are their demons who specialize in gay male issues? Sure any demon can do anything, but if there’s a specialist, have we encountered one?

What do you mean by “gay male issues”? Like, homophobia, finding a partner or what?

Sure, those things. Attracting a man, summoning a gay-oriented incubus, male fertility/ED issues, curing STDs, preventing STDs, any such kinds. I find that anything a cishet male would want toward woman had a slightly different cultural, pyschological, emotional tenor when applied to gay males. So, are there demons who specialize in that?

Oh, that.

The short answer is no.

The long answer to that is even if the description regarding a demon’s specialties appears to be geared more towards heterosexuals, they should be just as effective with anyone regardless of sexuality.

When in doubt, it never hurts to ask them.

There is no difference, the ones that can pair a woman to a man can do so with two men.

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I don’t know of demons, but according to Picatrix the second decan of Aquarius is good for love ‘especially between men’

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I have zero knowledge of the “second decan of Aquarius.” Cursory searches on Google points that to be a time of year, Astrologically? Or is it an entity associated with that Astrological timezone? Please educate me. :slight_smile:

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The way I use that particular chapter is to regard it as meaning the ascendant. So when the second decan of Aquarius is on the horizon is when you would work toward that goal (So, this takes place everyday). Combine it with a suitable lunarmansion.

This thursday (full moon) is the 25th mansion and that is also favorable for love & union. I am in western Europe and the second decan of Aquarius is a half hour away (8.30 pm) from reaching the horizon. So if I were to do a ritual for your goal, tomorrow would be excellent.

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Understood. Not asking for anyone to do a ritual on my behalf, though. Thanks for the offer.

Ultimately, my original question was broader than just love/sex/union magick. I was looking for differences in magical systems where it pertains to gay males versus cishet culture based on there being very little in the lore that’s specific to gay males.

Your perspective is very interesting though. I confess I haven’t delved very far into astrology…just haven’t been called to it…but it’s nice to know it’s applicable to my question in general. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I can suggest you two demons who help gay male people with preferences. King Paymon and lord Belial. :grinning:

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