Demons for beginners

Author notes: Apart from other platforms i thought i should post some writings here on balg too. This one i made back in september 2020. @DarkestKnight you may look at it, if there is anything that violates the rules you may take it out, if not i guess i will post my old and possibly new contents in here too.

if there is more suggestions on demons best for beginners you may reply on this post, and possibly i will write demons for beginners II

Hello, welcome on today’s post. On several forums that I have been, people new to magic always ask, “which demon is best for me to call I’m new to magic”? Or similar questions like that. Today I want to outline several demons that I personally worked with and they are fine even if you have just started your path today. Here’s goes the list,

  1. Lucifer. I guess you must have heard this name if not from magickal sources, then from the bible or the TV series, nonetheless Lucifer is the best demon to evoke for those who are starting their path. Being an air element (known for his patience and wisdom), and emperor of infernal empire there is nothing he can’t teach or grant.

One thing a person must know when working with Lucifer and most of the demons be ready to let go of any negative thoughts you have towards them. With Lucifer if you cant do that he usually directs you to another demon until when you are ready to work with him again.

He is not the demon who grants things on silver platter, but pass a magician through trials till a person master the concepts. So prepare yourself.

  1. King Paimon. I respect all demonic Kings, but what I have for this one is beyond respect. If I know a demonic king who can put up with stubbornness, all ill thoughts and negativity this one I give 5 stars. If you want to let go of all ill views towards demons, let go of all Abrahamic faith mindset this is among of the demon to add on the list. He knows how to bring the changes within, and after path working with him, you will be totally different type of person.

One thing, you must watch out about King Paimon he demand respect, and always refer to him as King Paimon not Paimon unless you have some intimate connection with him.
(Edit notes: Till today i personally refer to him as King Paimon but there are some folks who say even calling him Paimon he won’t mind, so is up for you to test.)

  1. Astaroth. The first time I evoked Astaroth it was intimidating. Though it was rainy season but on that day it didn’t rain since morning till the time when I was doing the evocation which was 1800 in evening. As I have recited my first word on conjuration the rain started, as I reached on the middle of the conjuration it became a heavy stormy rain (something that did not happen for years) I felt like my house is going to be crushed into nothingness.

Behind me I felt a strong physical presence that was undeniable. This was my second evocation that was completely frightening, the good thing though since that day she appears very peaceful, sometimes I hardly notice till air starts to be thinner and cool like some bulks of fresh ice are placed around me.

Astaroth is the coolest and friendly demon you can work with, though one thing for sure unlike Lucifer, Astaroth is not for everyone. There are some few people who have strong natural repulsion towards this demon, I don’t know why but call him (her)if you feel the need and desire to do so. Astaroth(male aspect) sometimes is more quite and a little bit serious but the female aspect is very charming.

If you are facing a problem and don’t know what the solution is or you are looking to discover what is the best spiritual or material path for you and a lot of other things call on this demon.

  1. Prince Seere. I have evoked this demon only several times, but Seere is good friend and is fast when given task. You may start with him too.

  1. Lae’ti’kohl. I have met people who were advised to evoke goetic demons first before attempting spirits from the book of azazel, but I believe that isn’t applied to everyone. If you have a vision of what type of magician you want to be in the future, you have a knowledge that you want to learn but you don’t know where to start or anything in real world life that you wish to achieve but there is no definite direction on your path, this is demon to call. She gives best advice, bring victory to anything that is presented on her. And I have experienced that.

There are plenty of demons that can be called when you are starting your path, try to use search engine and books to the maximum and you will discover more demons that corresponds with you. Till next time, BE BLESSED.**


This is so helpful. Thank you for posting it! I saved it to my bookmarked list.

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I would also like to notice lilith. She can be way too honest for some, but at the same time it helps you to discover your powers and advantaces.


I’m going to do the enn and write a petition to Lucifer tonight. I’m going to focus on him, try to feel his presence.

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How did you call on them? Ceremonial Magick with a consecrated circle and calling them into a triangle?

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What about king BELIAL? Lucifer led me to him when i was calling upon him so what you said about Lucifer is true I wasn’t really sure why but what you said put it in perspective for me thanks

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Read evoking eternity by E A koetting, you will learn universal method of evocation to summon any entity so far!!

He is good if you’re committed to do what you ask(what you want to manifest),

Sometimes he may kick your ass a little bit so you can get on track but other times he will suggest a thing And if you disagree he will just keep quite and leave you alone for while

He did that with me, last year he suggested something but I refused to do it, now after more than a year I am ready to do it because after much work I learned what Belial suggested last year was the best way out to manifest what I need.

So if Belial is what you need at the moment, go ahead don’t worry.

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The book, Demons of Magick, is a good introduction to the Goetic demons. Then check out the Book of Azazel and Kingdoms of Flame.


@Akhtyahussein, that’s such a great starter list! Always like your posts and expertise.

This may be a good thread to ask, who are the feel good buddies of the demon world?

A fellow user here, @Starlight2, was mentioning that Bime didn’t have a typical dark or light energy… but rather felt fun and playful, like a good friend you’d enjoy in physical life.

I’d love to know which other spirits feel the same. Any type of spirit, any pantheon, that has such a vibe and way of interacting would be very appealing!


Yes I have felt that on her, but not when I evoked bime(the male aspect) but bune (the female aspect.

For me bime had strong masculine energies and he was a little bit serious he is more concentrated on the task than charting around but bune she is more smiley and charming.

Well there are two things here, a spirit to be charming and a spirit to have good energies. For energies, personally the energies that are not pleasant to withhold are spirits of baneful magick, I usually felt very sickening type of energies from them .

But other types of spirits, well I can’t remember to list them up all of them but some have beautiful energies that you may want to sit around and meditate like Machel from the book of black Raven by johanes Faust, mepistahl too have good energies but not to that level of Machel, some may have too much of masculine/feminine energies but not type of energies that you may want to finish evocation quickly and release them!!

Sitri well evoke him and you’re going to tell me​:smile::smile:

For being charming it depends on the spirit and the level of relationship you might have, for example archangel Raphael is the most charming of all archangels at least for me, followed by Arch. Gabriel, Arch Michael he is a little quite back then now he can talk and give advice but is not his nature to talk alot.

Suhn’tal’ock he talk less, I mean very less but Ant’haratu well he talks alot.

An advice I can give you is to explore yourself there are some spirits may not be my favourite but it can be quite opposite for you.

NB: I have answered according to my experience


Ah, you are right! Thanks for clarifying the thinking.

That’s actually what I sort of like when dealing with the angels of the 2nd heaven for baneful work. They feel fine to me, if a little overpowering at times. Yet they’re obviously quite destructive.

Mmm… I just love these recommendations for Machel, Mephistahl, Bune, Ant’haratu and hopefully Sitri. Long term they are safe?

See, I don’t have the spiritual awareness or outright “vision” I did as a child — although I’m trying to get it back.

Closest I’ve gotten recently has been on mushrooms, where I definitely had full astral vision real-time during waking consciousness. Noticed lots of unusual leftovers from rituals, even a sort of astral spam… so after a reset, I’m trying to be a bit more cautious now.

I don’t anything plugging into me and using me as an energy source, like I’m a just another open extension cord. Lol

Some entities almost install a type of resource draining malware, and I didn’t realize until I had the mushroom experiences that my banishings weren’t getting rid of these things. I had to use multi-hour meditations to assume my own godself to clear things.

Frankly, I don’t even want to call entities I necessarily need to banish, anyway.

This is why I’m sort of interested in entities personalities… maybe by focusing on “personalities first” I can find actual conscious beings, not just subroutines of reality we trigger and somehow power.

I don’t want them “powered by me” anymore than any friend is powered by me. Visitors, friends and co-creators are fine. Parasites, attachments and hidden motives are not.

In this regard, Hekate also feels pretty interesting to me. She seems independent and brings this sort of intense beauty and sense of caring when I call her. She also bothered to reach out to me through 3 friends independently, which was quite cool. An entity that learns and explores reality. So far, so unique.


Ooh, these beings seem like they’d be fun to talk to! I was getting very strong contact with them awhile ago. I could just call their names, and they’d come — but it faded for some reason.

May I ask what your source of sigils is for Angels? Seems that Brand and Woodcroft went more for creating unique ones they could copyright more easily. I just want the ones that work most reliably time after time.

At least in terms of modern magick books, seems like it’s easier to get working sigils for the demon world than the angel world. I just discovered that Echol’s books seem to have proper angel sigils, but I’m fascinated to know which ones you use. You often get the type of results I’m seeking, so you’re perfect to ask.

Thank you, dear one!

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Honestly I used the same traditional sigils that are known to everyone. For a better summoning just increase your concentration, perform proper banishing but ensure you use extra proper methods that will attract only the desired spirit that you want to bring.

I agree with the rest of magicians the best way you summon spirits the best results you will get. And the best so far that from my experience I could think of, is not about feeling the spirit energies during evocation session but to ensure you’re connecting directly with the entity that you want to call. No other unwanted spirits, energies that may interfere with your workings!!

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Thank you for this posting! Have you come across situations where a demon gets close to a person without calling?

I’ve been receiving help and gifts from my spirit guides my whole life, but just today I finally found out that at least one (and probably the main one) of them is Lucifer. He showed up in a form of little boy and I had a pleasant sleep paralysis where I was able to ask questions. He refused to say his name but he had given already obvious signs after I recently really started asking questions. I actually know why he refused to tell me before I figured out on my own: I’m too new and only slowly changing my opinions, and I would have denied his access if I didn’t have a chance to study on my own. Now he literally had keyes to my flat, showing that I’ve allowed him and he’s not ill-willing spirit. I also understood he wants me to talk about him, and he asked me to bring him something when I was only a child. Have you been asked such things?

Anyway, he has been a good protector to me and my close ones. He hasn’t either had problems with preyers to Jesus, so I so far has no reason not to be open minded.


Ah, so the feeling isn’t as important as the phone #, basically. Thank you for the advice.

Honestly, I put HUGE emphasis on both feeling and personality. So that’s very interesting, indeed. Something to think over a few times. (Heck, maybe I’ll have to think about this for years!)

Could you kindly say which of these angel sigil sources you use, though?

The problem I have is, I’ve gotten into ritual only the past couple years, and it’s with the “simplified magick” of Damon Brand, Rose Manning, Ben Woodcroft, etc.

I have VERY few demon books, but those few books all have roughly the same sigils/phone #s for demons. They’re mostly in agreement.

On the other hand, I have tons of angel books, and they all seem to have custom sigils/phone #s. Lol. It’s maddening, really!

I don’t know which key reference book people use for working angel sigils. Is it a Joseph H Peterson book or something? Some sort of sigil dictionary?

Wow, very interesting. I believe you’re replying to the wonderful @Akhtyahussein, but I’d like to contribute 2 cents, too.

It is thought by some occultists such as Curtis Joseph, Morgue, some gnostics, etc that both Jesus and Lucifer are the same. Not just due to linguistic things in the Bible (being the “morning star” and all that), but experientially…

I mean, you can sort of see this for yourself. Notice people here on the forum talk about Lucifer the same way devout Christians (online or in person) talk about Jesus.

You could swap names and all the descriptive words remain basically the same.

Lucifer, in fact, is probably talked about being one of the most loving, father like figures in all of the occult in this forum.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

So this sort of goes deep, methinks, even though oft overlooked.

That’s a very interesting and coherent observation and I believe there can be some truth in that. Based on my experience at least. Considering the level of understanding I’ve received and possibility to explore on my own, it sounds a bit similar how christians talk about Jesus. Plus the lack of judgement, and respect towards my values. The energy I felt was not good nor bad, it was neutral. In addition, I feel the core of our relationship is based on ”learning my own value”. This journey is definitely blowing up my previous beliefs.

There is countless amount of different perceptions and belief systems, but I think the greatest gift is to have the possibility to decide on our own. I guess That’s why I’m a researcher of my profession- I have possibility to change my opinion constantly based on new research. I’ve began a spiritual journey now, and I’m exited to hear other’s experiences too!

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Ah, I see…

I’m short on time at the moment, but here… try these two videos. I saw them both recently myself. Illuminating.

Then you have Neville Goddard’s final lecture. He refines “the Bible” into something you can actually use and experience yourself. He claims each character in the Bible is actually a state of being you can enter. Fascinating. Practical.

Ah, a researcher. So happy to have you here.

You know what’s interesting?? I read somewhere on here that the original intent of this forum was PEER REVIEW! (And I hope still is) That’s just maddeningly wonderful. ResearchGate for the unseen world!


Oh my, i only got half way the first video you linked and I just can’t understand, why haven’t I ever considered this or even questioned more before?? That’s insane, considering that science itself and my profession is a perfect metaphor for ”three of the knowledge of good and evil”. All we do is question and the more we know, the more we understand we don’t know. There is no ”right and wrong” knowledge. Science and ”universum beliefs/hypotheses” have never excluded each others’. Actually now when thinking, there’s neither concept of light and dark, there’s only lack of molecules reflecting energy which could be perceived dark.

This way thinking, why in religions knowledge would be such a bad thing indeed? And considering what truly seems evil, isn’t old testament full of that including cruel ritual sacrifices. Still I believe the bible has historical information value, but neutrally considered the information most likely is twisted many times, as typically happens when time pasts (and especially, when the information of the happenings is one-sided).

ResearchGateway of occult, fits too well! Info sharing without payment walls :smiley:
Funny coincidence Btw, but my (very) old family name happens to be ”Eva” haha😄 A great fit to my journey tasting some forbidden knowledge fruit

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