Demons & Ascended Masters trouble. .....Are Ascended Masters Holding Me Back?

Anyways I sometimes had wondered about if anyone had conflict working with Angels and demons and in many ways this is an extension of that, actually if anything this is an extension of all my sort of posts again really. Anyways working with angels and demons seems like a walk in the park in comparison to ascended masters and demons. I have so, so much more I want to get into but fear no one will read or contribute if I tell the whole story in the first post. So maybe I can explain more as I build up a discussion. Anyways first thing first has anyone had issues working with both?

No issues working with any combination of daemons in groups, whether xtians call them ‘angels’ or ‘demons’ doesn’t matter.

I don’t deal with any ascended masters except one, who was the founder of my qigong school. As a general rule I haven’t enjoyed thier input or agreed with them much, and find them too human to be very helpful.


I find ascended masters are pretty normal, I met saint Germain, but he is an angel now and works under Archangel Zadkiel, I suppose that was his ascension and he had a specific view in regards to the violet flame of purification and such. It could be probable that working with said masters doesn’t align with your own energy and path but that’s only a single possibility among a few.

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Id love to hear more about people here working with the violet flame. back at age 14 I began learning from a lightworker and the violet flame was a standard part of his and ours repertoire. Despite that it never seemed to work with me and I never enjoyed using it.

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I don’t think there should be any issue with Ascended Masters and demons, but they are individuals and may have their own personal likes and dislikes as does everyone.

As far as I know, EA still works with his ascended mentor Sunham (sp?) in the master’s astral Temple without problems, and he sends students there in the Soul Travel course.

Plus, there are Ascended masters of the black magick variety out there (like the Barons of the OAA) so it may just be a conflict of energy or temperament.

However, Ascended Masters can and sometimes do indeed interfere, the same way some demons and angels will interfere in someone’s choices and try to push their own agenda onto them, especially if they sense your path is near to theirs or they can use you in some way.


My opinion is working with angels and demons is like mixing water with electricity.

As far as ascended masters go as well as angels, I avoid them. Had bad experiences with them. I honestly think people who actually think to work with both are just setting themselves up for disaster and very detrimental to spiritual evolution if you really think about it. It has nothing to do with religious crap or what not. I just do not feel that it is right. If I want to get technical angel means nothing more than messenger but I don’t use any of the Hebrew angels and I avoid the jewish kabbalah/qlippoth. Actually I dig into the Egyptian kabbalah as much as possible since Moses was trained in the Egyptian mystery schools. In fact I avoid using jewish-christian methods. I guess at my very heart you can consider me a Satanist. So naturally, I am going to tell you what I think.


I’ve befriended both but I don’t mix their energies in the same space, mainly due to sometimes conflicting traits.


So I wonder if there is a short way of explaining everything. :thinking:
So many of my stories and situations go back to my intro really.
I met a guy that I really like. I seem to have manifested him.
I seemed to fall in love with him instantly and way more so than anyone ever,
but that only lead to a few strange texts messages on both our parts, an insomnia spell that lasted for weeks,some other things, and a demonic attachment that I had tried to fight off for months that ultimately lead me to this forum and working with Belial and now a bunch of other demons.

I had often feared though that this has had something to do with kabbalah from a past life.

But perhaps like @Strongone83 sort of suggests (sort of) I should look into the Egyptian Kabbalah and try to learn to see past the dogma. Hey can you teach me much on this? I also hear in Shamanistic practices they know this completely in a different way, almost much less of a map. :thinking:

Anyways either way it got me thinking about my own ascent and I sort of don’t want to merge into Kether or to stay there at least right now if I was to. I’m not sure I want to do the tree of death exactly either, at least not be fully separated from God and lose all my humanity exactly.
So I dunno, I’m feeling a little lost and hopefully I am misunderstanding something somewhere.

I sort of want to make it to Binah where I will feel safe but… I feel annoyed by the idea of ascending and leaving this world without leaving some big changes.

I like angels but do feel worried about their Hebrew Abrahamic influence at times.

And I suppose as @DarkestKnight was saying there are many ascended masters. In fact I do get a long with many of them, mostly on the more Eastern religious side of things. I never met “St. Germain” exactly… a name mentioned by @anon48079295 and I’m not so sure I want to drop names too much right now but it is more that crowd that I am having issues with more that crowd, let’s just say. We can get a long on many things but as I talk to them they will try to help by sending light, which can help, but it is also a struggle.

So the light can help with ascension I guess and that might be better than being trapped in hell forever, though I am starting to really like some of the demons so that wasn’t entirely sarcastic ha uhh. But working with the demons does to an extent cause inverse lighting.

The way I am seeing it, which maybe off in some ways but this light will help you ascend but if you are say “evil” than the light can harm you and it can invert on you, which… let’s feels fucking sucky. BUT that is WAY to simplistic a way of explaining it.

If I am not mistaken the right hand path Ascended master philosophy is that there is no need to fight for we are all ready one, we should not mess with other peoples free will or perform left hand path magick to make changes in the world but rather that we shine this light on people and that by doing this those drawn to light will embrace the light, those who don’t won’t be drawn to the light and will be stuck at where they are in their spiritual evolution.

Does that sound about right?

The philosophy does make sense but seems still potentially flawed in some respects.
For many people who just go with the flow of life are free in a way but also enslaved to the course out line that has been given to them, so either it does make a difference to do left hand path magick to try to make a difference or it doesn’t, either it makes it better or it leaves it the same for people, if it is still the same for people than there is no ethical risk to change the world around you through left hand path magick… per say. But if it does make a difference it could be good to do that magick, but one could run the risk of making it worse.

Now when you work with demons for example you will either energetically work well or feel fear and disharmony but if you harmonize with the demon correctly it feels fine.

With the ascension light it is very similar, if you are working with the light and feel shame and doubt than it can inverse, which makes you feel like hard core shame as though in 4D surround sound-ish to try to explain and this is made so much worse if you are working with demons.

So the ascended masters shining their light on me are as though a bit confused. Because with all the demons I should be in versing way more than I am. Which suggests to them that the light within me must actually be really strong. But I am also sensing that they tend to think I am way in over my head, that I should just give up at let the big boys step in and take control.

I have been sensing people lacking a belief in me at times, that everyone even the demons are trying to get me to give up my free will to some extent. To the ascended masters and angels side I am sort of trying to say that “Hey if the mark I want to leave on this Earth is so bad, please by all means show me why.” But either they don’t want to or they don’t know why it would… it would seem. There is a guy who could help, which maybe… well… hard to explain, he is sort of like Merlin, but almost like from the future, or another dimension or living outside the Matrix sort of person, they might be able to help. I dunno.

Anyways @DarkestKnight

Yeah, is Sunham the same as Sat Nam? I think I may have met this person on the astral, though to make things more confusing because on top of this he seemed to say his name was something else. But either I have a few issues there. My third eye has an overactive self defense mechanism. I was in his temple about a month ago and he took me into some room and started doing triangle work on me, very rare stuff, I fortunately do know someone who knows of this work and the nothing path in real life, but I was saturated in demons at the time and because my third eye had such an overactive defense mechanism, my astral body was very wild and out of control, which might happen sometimes anyways so he didn’t want to work with me, I hear I may or may not be able to work with him again. Although that may have been someone else entirely.

No. Not even close.

Sat Nam literally translates to “I Am Truth,” in Sanskrit, and refers to the consciousness of the Formative Plane, where all things are created and given form. EA discusses his experience becoming/merging with Sat Nam in his book Ipsissimus.

Sunham is a human and Ascended Master .


Interesting. Have you worked with him?
I found this video that has this picture.

The guy I saw looked like this, but only much darker skin.

No, I haven’t got to that part of EA’s soul travel course yet, so I haven’t worked with Sunham or however you spell his name lol

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