Demons are mostly for harm, why try to ask them to help?

I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for any grimoire. They can be interesting on a symbolic, even sociological or historical level. Many are a clear reflection of their time, but I wouldn’t take them at face value. In the case of Liber Lilith it is as likely to be the recovery of an ancient manuscript as a mixture of several texts. Who knows. Either way it is fascinating.


The magical techniques he describes are legitimate enough, but pretty much everything else is fiction.

However, just because it is fiction doesn’t mean it can’t be useful magically. Every grimoire is essentially a work of fiction, and the Chaos Magick paradigm proved that as long as you can invest enough belief into something, it can be used magically. Just look at how the whole Lovecraftian stuff got started. Someone, most notably Kenneth Grant, read ol’ HP’s stories and thought, “Hmm…I wonder…” and then set about applying traditional magical techniques to the fictional framework.


I agree, I guess the same goes for the bible etc.

Thats good to know and again I agree that even if its fictional it can be interesting. But I also find it important to know what is and what isnt fiction. So thanks for clearing that up.

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a great definition & example of psy vampires (incubi/succubi)

plz watch video till end & let us know, how can a victim drain back a true vampire to stop the feeding ?

Hey @Velvetvillain

we are discussing these entities since long,
but no one answered my question till date.

My question was:
Why vampires hates dhampir ?
what is the real logic behind this hate which makes them cursed for whole life

as far as my knowledge, vampires are cursed beings snd these cursed beings transfer tgis curse to their child if the mother is human.

what is the intention behind the curse ?

can anyone shed light on this mystery ?

I think the video refers to people who act as psychic vampires, not the entities that many magicians work with on this forum. A well trained ubi can defend you from parasites.

I specialize in incubi and succubi, I have less knowledge on the subject of vampires and dhampir, but if I find out anything I’ll let you know.

Demons origins in the greek “daemon” which mean “divine intelligence”. There are demons for curses and destruction indeed but there are also demons for love, healing and protection. I chose to work with demons because they symbolises the dark side of existence and the darkness are always greater than the light because it was before light and will be there after light is turned off.


First time reading this, as the matter of fact, light is always greater and there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel

That’s what the RHP teaches you…


Darkness doesn’t exist without light and light does not exist without darkness.

Try to explain without mentioning the other in some form. You will find they are interconnected.



Exactly. This term is also related to the socratic daemon. Even Socrates was penalized for speaking of a kind of inner deity outside the pantheon of gods.

It has always been frowned upon to acquire power on one’s own account outside of religious idolatry. That is why I have always been interested in the left hand path.

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I’ve been part of, and heard more stories about working with angels, then demons appear, asking if they can assist. they do a wonderful job, often leaving without asking for anything in return