Demons and incense

Do certain demons express a preference for different types of incense? I’m looking to begin working with a few and was wondering if anyone could speak about this from personal experience.


Yes they do, but one two types of incenses that work very well for all demons, which are Dragons Blood and Copal.


Yup my man Lucifer asks for frankIncense a lot
Sometimes when he shows up he smells like frankincense or if he wants some he makes me smell frankincense on purpose.


Some incubi I’ve worked with in the past seemed to enjoy any lavender scent. Lord Belial seemed to enjoy sandalwood and Lord Asmodeus seemed to enjoy spicy scents, like cinnamon. I would suggest speaking with the demons you work with to see what they like. Also, their preferences may change over time. They may get into a mood for a different incense every now and then.

Also, when I burned myrrh, any demon I worked with seemed to enjoy it. That’s my “go to” incense. One of my first workings with myrrh was intense. A demon actually grabbed me, pulled me out of my body, and dragged me to, what seemed to be, a sort of communal ground for demons.

First time I was spontaneously pulled from my body. I didn’t even think it was possible prior to that experience. They sure proved me wrong!


Thank you all for your input, I’ll grab a few and go from there based on response when I ask them.


Love the profile picture bro.