Demons and enemies

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I want to make the life a hell for people who have tried to ruin me. None of them however have really been able to harm me but they have tried to, so fact is that they will do if they got the chance. Therefore I feel I have the right to destroy them but instead of casting a destructive curse I cannot offer them to the demons I work with? If I make a voodoo doll that is linked to the enemy and I then place it on the sigil of the demon I want to work with and the demon takes the offering what will actual happen to the person? Will the demon eat their prana so their life in the end will be ruined? In other words, can I hit 2 birds with one stone?

You can ask, petition and stipulate what the demon would do to them.
You can also try out some of those baneful spells you wanted to experiment with (if there are any)

Or… and this sounds like a last resort to me, but VK Jehannum posted this yesterday:


But again what happens to the person? When I do offerings to demons it’s so I can demand something from them.

So you offer to them and just let them do whatever or do you work your intention and a visualization or clear consideration for the outcome when you do?

What will happen to your enemies should be stipulated by you. How it happens should be up to the spirits that help it along

That’s the question. The spirit must like something about humans if it takes the offer.

Then I don’t really understand the question I think. You asked what happens to the person…
They take the offering probably because they like it and it’s your gift to them.

What happens to your target should be whatever you energetically set up through a spell of your own or whatever your petition dictates. How it happens is usually the easiest way for a demon to make it happen.

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Not too long ago, the girl who reported me for being sexist over a poem, I reported her over one of hers. Personally, I wouldn’t seek revenge on someone unless they’ve managed to hurt me.

However a personal goal of mine is to be able to counter act their attempts so I won’t have to retaliate. Preferably, they’d blunder in some fashion that was comical and entertaining. Like from a cartoon of possible.

My point is that I don’t think you should hurt anyone, let alone ruin their lives, if they haven’t been successful at hurting you. Outside of moral arguments, you might attract some dangerous sorts of attention from beings who are too powerful to put down.

I met a guy who did that once, and he became a born again Christian to avoid further damage. Subsequently he was insufferable, and said that his fate is the fate of everyone who gets into the occult. DON’T PROVE HIM RIGHT.

That’s going to be up to the entity. You’d do best to ask it, or be specific and tell them you want them dead or ruined or whatever. Make sure to imagine and feel what it would be like to see that happen and know you caused it, and sit with that feeling for a bit. Or call an entity well known for enjoying this kind of thing naturally like Andras.

Exactly why I like to do these kinds of things myself and leave the demons/ spirits ouf it as much as I can.

As @LvxMferre said, if they are only an offering, then all you’ve done is make a connection between the two. For all you know the entity could decide they like the person, take them in hand and make their lives amazing. It could help them actually ruin you instead of trying to ruin you.

Would the demon not begin to eat the life force from the person? Do demons not like prana?

Not usually, but it depends on the entity. Most are actually higher beings and don’t need or want human qi/prana, it’s not really a great source of energy as I’ve explained many times, there are far better options available to them.

This is why I don’t use the term “demon” because it’s very vague and misleading and makes people assume they’re all the same, but they’re not: some are El, some are Djinn, some are egregores, some are ascended masters, some are Fae, and most are not parasitic because they are higher beings not lesser entities (which are ALSO called “demons”, very unhelpful for the occultists trying to work with any of them and not just exorcise regardless. The term is basically a catch-all phrase for the JCI-religions’ shitlist of entities that are not saints, not the Magdalene, the Jesus, “angels”, or the holy ghost, or the one El that went rogue and demanded they worship him and only him.

If you want one that will act parasitically, then call a parasite. These are not usually named, but you probably already have some attached so use one of those and get rid of it this way by telling it to move to the other guy.

Or, as I said, pick one known to just love messing people’s shit up like Andras.

But if your aim is baneful, I would not call “offering” a human spirit a particularly baneful act, and unless the human and entity both agree I think it wouldn’t even be accepted, they can’t because there’s rules about that and higher beings keep the rules. You can’t give away what you don’t own. Again find an earthbound parasite that has free will and doesn’t care about that rule.

Who are these entities? And if they exist why aren’t they doing anything to stop pedophiles, serial killers etc? Or do they only punish people who are trying to protect themselves with curses?

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I agree with the notion of self defense, but it sounds like you’re just using it as an excuse to attack others. You’ve admitted that whatever these enemies are doing isn’t even working. So, destroying them just feels not only unnecessary, but also cruel. I mean, how are you gonna offer their souls up? Kidnap them, torture them, and kill them? This community already has a bad reputation due to Hollywood.

I’ve provided a recent situation of my own to prove my point. That girl harmed my reputation, so I discredited hers. She was actually successful at hurting me, so retaliating was the only way to save myself from further rumors and accusations, which could involve police activity. That was a situation that justified going on the offensive. What you’ve described above isn’t. And how you’ve responded only proves my point that you’re just making excuses to be out for blood.

Sure, I can’t explain why these spirits wouldn’t go after pedophiles and serial killers. Or maybe they do, but they use our justice systems to do it. I can’t tell you. All I know is, it sounds like you’re just trying to hurt people, and using self defense as an excuse.

Blood and living offerings to please and strengthen gods have been done for millennia in almost every (if not all) culture. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. There is something about spirits and prana.

I agree that the term “demon” is a vague term. I don’t know what term to use. I can only say that the entities I work with are those from Goetia and the infernal names listened in the satanic bible. The Powers of Darkness is what LaVey called them.

I think there’s a difference between the superstitious wishful thinking of the masses and actual magick. The line “everybody else does it” doesn’t work for me. I prefer to think for myself. I have given you my opinion and what I think, you will do as you see fit.

It depends on the entity… in general I just use “entity”, which is also very vague, but at least has no emotional and psycho-religious baggage attached to it. If I know or think I know what kind of entity it is then I use the more specific term, e.g. Djinn, Fae, ghost, El (which is the word that became “god”), etc. For example I believe Belial is a god, i.e. an El, but I feel Andras is more like a Djinni. The lesser keys of Solomon calls all the Goetia Djinn, though I suspect some are actually Elohim.

Magick was part of the religion in ancient times. It was performed by high priests. In modern times there is the practice of demonolatry that uses blood as offering to demons.

I think all mythological beings are different masks of spirits presented in dreams. I don’t therefore not think we shall take mythology literally.

Living well is the best revenge. Put your energy into making your life successful and keep your protections up. The hardest curse work you can do is making your enemies watch you accomplish great things while they sit back and punch air.

You are right but when it comes to enemies I want to make use of them and if they are not a direct threat to my life they could be useful.