Demonolatry & Terminology + Intro

This is probably a rookie question. If so, please forgive. OK, so we all know now that we are not “selling our souls” and relegating them to eternal torture in Hell. We are enlightening ourselves, elevating ourselves and ascending. We also now know that these demons are not “out to get us” but are actually willing and eager to aid in our spiritual evolution. In fact, the terms “God”, “Demon” “Deity” and even “Angel” gets a bit murky when you realize there isn’t much difference between them and none are inherently evil or good.

So why do we still use phrases like “sinister” , “dark vs. light” or in one of the rituals for hire’s we must accept a “mark of damnation”? Is it really a mark of damnation or is it merely a mark that sets those who ave accepted an enlightened path to ascension. Why do we even call these deities demons anymore if there’s no real negative nature to them? Some who practice demonolotry claim there isn’t even a such place as Hell. So why do we still refer to these deities as “Kings of Hell”?

Shouldn’t we be cleaning up our spiritual dialect a bit in order to do away with terms that carry unearned negative connotations? Just a thought.


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I have a few theories:

  1. Mental programming (not sure if that’s the right word); many of us grew up with the idea of “light is good, dark is evil”, so it could be a case of that.
  2. It’s easier for people to understand such black and white terminology, even if they didn’t grow up with the mental programming mentioned above.
  3. Edgelords being edgelords.

Certain spirits can have certain aspects to their energies that make us think “good” or “evil”, but you’re right, they aren’t arbitrarily such.


Intro: I’m an old man! :slight_smile:
I am a US Army veteran from the late 80’s who remained in the reserves for about 10 years, saw combat in the Middle East, got out. Went back to work for the government as a contractor and am now nearing my 20th year working for them overseas. I’m in Iraq now.

I’m a father and a husband. I am new to demonolatry after feeling completely let down attempting Angel magick using books published by “The Gallery of Magick” etc. Although I am new I do have a very young pact in force with Belial that I entered into after a few material world disappointments, again, when angel invocations were not successful and left me wondering if they even heard me.

I was raised a devout Southern Baptist who later converted to Latter-Day Saints (mormonism). Did everybody here know that Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was an occultist? Most Mormons don’t know and want to ignore the proof that was in his pocket the day he was stoned to death (A Seal of Saturn Talisman). They claim it is a Freemasonic watch fob. I’m a 32nd Degree Freemason too. Have been for over 30 years. That is not a Masonic device. It is, however, easily found in the Keys of Solomon. We all have secrets. Joseph Smith apparently had one too. Good for him. :slight_smile:


I think it’s a combination of reprogramming and distinguishing between words that are just words and words used to convey emotion like fear. Those are just words though. They have no value or meaning and carry no weight except what you give them.

When you’re talking and using words to label or distinguish you can be objective or you can be subjective and put feeling and emotion behind them.

Demon is just a word. Your association with the word, your mental programming, background, etc empowers or weakens the word. It can be just letters or it can be a powerful command used to strike fear or oppress.
Hence the politics and popular culture around reclaiming words.

I’ll use the example “slut”.
This word has been reclaimed and has lost its meaning.

Another example, I can be described as Black. I’m not evil or void of light, and it’s not insulting to me, It has no negative connotations to me.

The word devil - to call person a devil is to insult them, but we know that’s not insulting.
To call a woman a witch used to be damning, now it may actually mean she could cure your cold :wink:

They’re just words, labels, sounds, you give them meaning and power. And that power is ever-changing.

Same with names, And to keep the peace and be polite and respectful I always ask what someone wants to be referred to, if I have to address them and if I’m not sure, and I go with that, in regards to gender, race, title (ms, mrs, mr) etc.
Same with demons, Duke, prince, Lord, queen, I would ask them what they prefer.

I’m rambling sorry.
But if you’re starting on this path and the words make you feel uneasy, its just fear of the unknown.
Work on reprogramming what you think you know and what you’ve been taught to feel about the other side and how its described in words.
As a child I used to be scared of the name Frankenstein because of the movie I saw as a child, I associated it with monsters…as a teenager I did so much research on Mary shelly that the word Frankenstein took on a whole new meaning for me. And as an adult I love the gothic romanticism in her work.