Demonic talisman vs demonic amulet

I purchased a Seal of Marbas jewelry and want to transform it into an object that makes Marbas able to heal me through that link. Is it unwise to clean and charge the Seal here in waning moon?

No, it all depends on your intentions. If you think that the waning moon period can affect it then perform it during the Waxing moon period which is good for healing.

Usually for me I do pillar rites to charge my talismans and infuse them with the required energies. Usually pillar rites are done for several days up to a month at a time to properly infuse items with the required energies.

My intention is to make Marbas heal me through the seal that establish our link.

I normally say no on this kind of thing, while others find benefit in observing the moon phases and astrological correspondences.

But since you asked, that implies you thought about it, and you thought about it for a reason. If that reason was your intuition nudging you that for this working it matters, then it probably matters, and if it were me I’d go ahead and roll with that.

The only thing I relate to is that waning moon is for banishing and waxing is for attraction. Therefore amulets are made on waning moon and talisman are made on waxing moon. I’m not sure how it applies to demons and their powers.

Well it depends if you’re following a specific tradition, in which case you probably want to stay within it’s school of thought.

Therefore amulets are made on waning moon and talisman are made on waxing moon.

Um, don’t see why? Where did this even come from?

Amulets and talismans are both used as exactly the same thing, with different word origins.

Amulet is 15th century Latin and means “thing worn superstitiously as a charm against spells, disease”
Talisman comes from 1630s French and means “magical figure cut or engraved under certain observances”

This is to do with energy. The waning moon is reducing in luminosity, ie, energy it reflects, over time. Reduction is associated with yin, and banishing could be associated with yin…
The waxing moon is increasing in output, which could be called yang (compared to the activity of reduction), and attraction I guess could be called yang? … if you like, so that would link those.

Personally, I would call attracting yin, associating it with receiving and the feminine, and banishing yang, associating it with force, pushing, hostility, action and the masculine. So I would reverse the associations.

Having said that, I make a talisman, charm bag or poppet any time I feel like it.

Thing is, humans can rationalise anything to fit what they want.
Magick is highly personal and psychological, there’s no right or wrong in this type of thing - there is only however you manage to get the mental and emotional gymnastics to work to convince your subconscious to do it’s thing.

“Do whatever the fuck you wanna do.” - Hodge Twins


My point is that I don’t know what is most effective. Maybe of course the moon phases have no effect on Marbas’a power to heal at all.

You do though, I just told you. It’s the one you personally believe works the most.
You are the operator, you’re the magick one, the creator being making all this work. Not the moon, or whether it’s a Tuesday, you.
Stand in your power and just do it.

If you want, test it, experiment - do it twice, today and next week, waxing AND waning, compare the feelings and the results, and build up your confidence in any given timing based on your own experience.

There’s no point relying on other people’s ‘truth’, it may not apply to your unique energy systems. Put in the work and find out what does it for you. It’s not like you have only one chance at this. Don’t be afraid to have to fall flat, it’s all good experience.

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For demonic workings the full moon is best

The full moon is said to be good at any magick. It’s just to long for me to wait.