Demonic Sex

Hello everybody,
I would like to open this topic in order to ask you if you have experiences in sexual intercourse with demons and if so, what you think about it. I have had such experiences and they were overwhelming.


Because no one has ever thought to ask that question or do that thread before…


Ok, good to know!
How deep in detail can we go while discussing this matter? I mean, it’s a new terrain and it deserves to be delved deeper into, I think. I do not want to post cheap pornography, but some things can be very crude in its factual description.


is normal, in the sciamanism in witchcraft is present a spirit companion with which we have these experiences but also with other spirits, our most energy is that sexual is normal that you activate when there are spirits and that they are attracted by this :slight_smile:


Ok! I have been given a ritual to initiate this relation.
I did it yesterday night and it was overwhelming. I have been grounded, strongly and I could not move.
Then I was penetrated and after that I also had oral sex with this entity. It was almost brutal, but I enjoyed it.
Tonight I have to repeat the ritual. It was as if I was in chains while this entity was having intercourse with me.
It also poured something in my mouth but I cannot say what it was. Besides I felt taken away, in a complete dark environment; during the action I was not in my home. It felt real, very real.


Well that must make you feel very very special.

Not really; it is more something unexpected.


wow a very strong experience, I have happened several times but usually they are kind only a couple of times have been say forcing, but I was young and my first experiences with the astral and physical body together …

What was the ritual you performed that incited this act?


Man, do I have stories! My first was, iirc, with Lucifer. He appeared completely black, with a ram’s head (just like in that one add on BALG from a week or so ago) and he just got down on me and shoved his thick dick in me. He was silent, but I loved it. More recently though, he wasn’t quite and actually was on me dick, and it tingled! So yes, it actually gives a real physical sensation! :smiley:

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I can tell you in private.

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I also want to know how you did this ritual!

I prefer not to, I am sorry.

Prefer not to tell me?

ok but how can you penetrate yo dick inside a demon?

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im fr fr tho lol


No look, just open your senses before even considering asking these questions,trust me on this one.


this is the greatest sentence i’ve read on this site thus far.


I second that