Demonic natal chart

Hi guys!
My natal chart I have
Asc in Capricorn,
Saturn alone with no aspect with other planet
Venus opposite Mars
Sun and moon conjunction in 7th house.

I was thinking that Azazel (Capricorn - Saturn) in a ruler of my natal chart.

Is it a right insight?


According to my knowledge Saturn is ruled by Cassiel and Azazel rule over Pluto.

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Don’t worry, I just got my natal chart and am asking for help understanding it. We shall see lol.

While I use astrological associations/correspondences to spirits (yours truly being earth-dominant and mostly getting along with “demons” of earthly energies, for example), it can be quite tricky at times because there are spirits out there who do elude specific/verified/solid astrological associations. Furthermore, information from different people may also be conflicting (witnessed too many a debate going all “No, he’s an Aquarius!” vs. “No, he’s of Capricorn correspondence with a bit of fire energy!” etc). I prefer checking their names in my natal chart instead.

Ever heard of name asteroids? Try it. Not an expert but I did notice that the name asteroid(s) of spirits who portrayed significant roles in my life made tight aspects to my personal planets and angles. I’ve also observed that the natal house(s) wherein the spirits’ name asteroids fell into defined the over-all energy and themes of my connection with them. For example, a spirit’s name asteroid fell into my 6th house and our relationship was very Virgo-ish: work, day-to-day interactions, serious responsibilities along with themes of healing, domesticity and just being comfortable around each other. Another variation of his name fell into my 2nd house, and not only did he help me achieve material success, he also boosted my self-confidence and worth. He liked using physical touches a looot to make a point or get my attention too.

Interpreting a spirit’s name asteroid in relation to one’s natal chart is an intuitive practice which can be enjoyable and enlightening IME. If you can’t find the exact name of a certain spirit, simply select those which closely resembles his/her name. Say, Belial: I chose the names Bilal, Beliar instead. And yes, you can select multiple name asteroids for the spirit as long as it’s similar to the original.


Hi @ParadoxicalPAT
What do you mean with

I never heared of that before but it seems interesting.

Just go off an angelic natal chart and find the corresponding demon they frustrate.

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Now im curious bout my chart…how do you find the asteroids? I want to check my hga & guides names!!

Oh, hello. :slight_smile: I can’t find a good article about name asteroids in astrology, it’s more so forum experiences, so here are the few definitions I could find:

You can Google “name asteroid astrology” if you want to read personal experiences about them: the Linda Goodman forum and Eros Astrology forum are good places to start. Though you may notice that they are all using name asteroids to either find out their own names’ connection to their natal or synastry-wise/their names in relation to significant others, loved ones, etc. Using it for spiritual purposes is just something I came up with myself so I’m not that much open about it lol, but I do interpret it similarly as they state in their experiences there.

  1. You go to .
  2. Choose “Horoscopes” from the top menu bar.
  3. Under it, choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
  4. Under the Natal Chart options, you have at the bottom part, “Additional Objects”: Click that.
    You should see the “Asteroid name/number list with 2023 names”: Now click that one and letters A-Z should appear. Simply click each letter to find the spirit’s name you’re looking for.

  1. Choose and check on their list of asteroids for the spirit’s name in question. If it doesn’t exist, variations or phonetically similar ones are accepted too (this is where you start to go with your intuition). It should look like this:


Ok so i finally tried this after work and the my hga name is in my 12h… he help me wit awakening my psyhic sense also i got to know him first in dreams when i was sick in the hospital when i was young!! Spirit guides names in my 5h and they got me to creative things hobbies & led me to drawing painting…Succubus name in my 1h & 8h and she improves myself so much & sexual chemistry is very deep & transforming!! Crazy finds thank you for this @ParadoxicalPAT ! I also check the aspects but what do you mean tight aspects…?

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Whoa, awesome that it worked for you! Didn’t really expect any further feedback because I just came up with it, UPG if you will. If you want more “crazy finds”, you can use name asteroids with actual people you’re around : family members, friends, enemies… heck, you can even use your own name asteroid and see how it connects with your natal chart to understand yourself better! That’s what name asteroids are originally used for anyway. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d consider an orb of 0-1.5 degrees maximum as “tight aspects” for name asteroids.

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I’ve gave a glimpse to that site.
I have Lucifer conjuncted to Saturn and Asc in Capricorn…
Now I can understand why I’m interested in LHP…


Interesting. Thank you for sharing! Glad it was accurate for you. :slight_smile:

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Theyre all conjuct my personal planet by 1 degrees! awesome…i looked into my name and its conjunct my nn & i always felt i was meant to have that name…

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