Demonic Enns

Im looking for demonic enn’s for my grimoire. Most of them are easy enough to find however I have yet to come across one for Duke Sallos and archangel Raphael. Does anyone care to share?


Duke Sallos is Serena Alora Sallos Aken.


Enns are for demons not angels.
If you really need one then eas summoning spirit’s incantations works for any spirit


Not sure you’re gonna have much luck with that one. :grin:

Just chanting his name as RA-PHA-EL is enough I’ve found. If you wanted to really connect, then you can find the corresponding “verse”. You can also imagine a mountain with wind blowing, with the blue sky, and an orange sun behind it.

This corresponds well to his nature.

Furthermore, you can also find his sigils on Google.

But really, just chanting RA-PHA-EL is enough.


Thank you!


Perfect thank you!

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100% Just to add a bit to that, I have had good luck with vibrating the chants/callings for angelics.

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Also, Raphael’s supposed secret name (according to a procedure which starts from the common one) to be vibrated as well, would be “Ferequ”.

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A whole list of ‘em right here.


hello I would like to know how to pronounce the enns? because it’s short sentences but it’s not written how to pronounce them ?

On Youtube various pronounciations are found. For example “Avage” is said (I’m going to use an Italian way of spelling) both “avasg” and “avaghé”. “Lirach”: “lirasc” and “lirac”…
I believe to have once read some rules, perhaps on this forum, but probably a careful guessing of the pronounciation suffices.

They are all here pretty much