Demon Work

what are some good questions/boundaries/other to talk about before working with a demon?

-much appreciated

Talk about with who? Do you mean to prepare for yourself, or for the demon?

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Just have your basic spiritual hygiene in place. It boils down to two things:

  1. Making sure you get who you want and only who you want and are not fooled or parasitised and
  2. Making sure you don’t become energetically imbalanced, let it go to your head, get distracted with unproductive fluff that ends up slowing down your development

We have a lot of discussion here about how to ensure you don’t attract unwanted entities, impostors, tricksters, mess up your energy, and know how to recognise these, and cleanse yourself and space if something unexpected comes through.

lord lucifer. basically. vetting and boundaries etc.

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I really needed this thread right now. A coincidence? Maybe not.

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