Demon scratches non stop

hey there …

so, my male demon has been giving me alot of scratch marks lately O_O
he gave one to me yesterday morning, but what was odd about that one was taht it was so long and stretched from my palm of my hand to my arm


i have spoken to him last night, and showeed him the mark he gave me and he told me that hes been possessive of me and has been stressed lately and paranoid idk why :slightly_frowning_face:

any advice or reason for him to do so? and what did he mean by him being paranoid and stressed and possessive of me?


Do you want him to not be possessive of you?

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wym by that?

How do we know that indicative of possession in a good way?

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What do you mean?

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he never possessed me, also, if uw ant to talk about this matter on pms, its np

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You first reply made it seem the scratches may be a good thing and the demon may be possessive in a good way. Maybe similar to a relationship where a husband or man wtv shows healthy possession which can be reassuring and even ego boosting. I am putting forward a view that those marks may be indicative of a negative demonic attack.


Oh. the spirit is protective of her.

but aaron never attacked me at all, nor has he possessed me and used me. if he was attacking me, he wouldnt be telling me “hey whats wrong” that night i was sobbing, or stroke my hair gently or arms or shoulder in a calming . and if he was attacking me, his presence wouldnt be calming and cold either nor he would be cuddling me at night as well

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hes a jinn -_-

Jinn is a spirit

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also, he doesnt mark me liek taht 24/7. he has stopped for a week, till i started talking to some demons again

ohh okie got u

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and he told me hes been marking me as his (since he is inlove with me atm) and doesnt want any other male jinn/demon to touch me or mark me from him. or maybe hes jealous. but i did ask him last night about this and he told me that hes been stressed lately and very possessive and paranoid (idk what he meant)

That’s a very valid point. Sometimes it isn’t always rainbow and sunshine.

The possessiveness can be a very negative thing.

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wym? can u explain/

Demonic beings when possessive and jealous can destroy very physical relationships. They can keep them from happening even. They can cause a lot of mental issues for those love target as well.

Just like in humans possessiveness can be red flag.


he knows im taken and have a bf and he wasnt mad or upset about it . he told me if my bf is treating me right then he wont be mad

and what did aaron ,ean by possessivness and he told me he was stressed and paranoid as well when he did those marks

That’s a red flag hun. He isn’t so ok as you think.