Demon(s) for punishment

Long story short , a couple of guys stole from me . One guy stole $100+ the other stole my debit card etc. What demon or demons can I use to punish them immensely ? Like worms coming out of their penises and everyone knows about it or giving the HIV or getting them beat up a lot . Idk just making them Fucking pay AND I also want them to know they are suffering because they stole from me .

Help thanks .

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Nergal. Belial.


Also shut down your debit card.


Also Asmodeus, Andromalius, Andras, Glasya-Labolas or the Goddess Nemesis.


Since I have belials sigil, I’ll go with him and see what I get

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Belial for justice and Sabnock has been known to bring illness and infestation.

That sucks, at least you know who stole from you.
I am petty so I won’t give you any ideas but yeah that’s who I would ask for help.


No I would love to hear your ideas .

Lol, well I have family members that throw curses around like nothing.

So I am not that well verse working with Demons but I do believe in being prepare. I have a copy of Magickcal Attack by Gordon Winterfield and his book the 72 Demons of Magick.

Long story short, they threw a curse and I ruin their lives.

I have had enough.

What I mean by that is bad luck, illness and lost of friends. Bring shun. At their age, that hurts.
I don’t like to curse, literally, I had no choice. Well I did, but hey. I don’t mess with you, so don’t mess with me.

Master curse, unless you know the person, your not going to really know what happened.

I have seen Sabknock have people talk and act like loons. I prefer that method just because if people label you as insane it’s hard for them to think your sane and doors slam shut.

Or he can make them ill so no one real knows why they are ill. Not even doctors. That’s handy as well. :smirk:

You can do some research on the above Demons. I would work with the one that meets your need. I have had excellent success with the few I listed.

Last but never least King Belial, wow. He rocks. I worked with him and he does not disappoint. He gave me a heads up in a dream about a situation. I was on top of that and walked away smelling like a rose.

I am not well verse with demonic magick but yeah it works.

Research the Demons above, I have’t work with all of them yet but I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

I like, humiliation, mental illness and since they stole from you, I would ask that they get rob, but by preteens or by someone that it would just be total humiliation to even admit that person got a jump on them. Maybe even an elderly person, you know.

I don’t know…I am petty, that’s petty. If reputation is everything, heh, heh, that would hurt street cred.

When dealing with an enemy, I like to find out what they like or enjoy and ruin that for them for a short period of time, at least. I get a kick out of it.

May be your work be swift and quick.


Azazel is good with a lot of things to that need taking care of have been working with him for, almost two years now

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One, if not both , does credit card scams . Should I ask a demon to put them in prison for years ?

Andromalius, the others mentioned for putrid/rotting sores.


Nemesis, The Erinyes, they’re not demons but they get the job done

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You could also do an open evocation/ask around to see who wants to help.

Maybe If there is a demon who has their eye on you they will help you accomplish your goals if you make a pact. At least that was my experience. Idk if it’s universal but it seems that they would do their best.

Just because a demon isn’t a demon of revenge or punishment doesn’t mean you can’t use their strengths to your advantage.

Take a demon of justice for example, perhaps they can “karma” them into being punished for ever tiny ill move or thought, past/present/future.

A god/ess of lust could turn this persons sex drive into extremely distructive behavior… perhaps they will contract an untreatable std :wink:



Alastor, Leviathan.

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Well it’s up to you what you choose to do.

Andromalius is really effective at dealing with offenders - I’d suggest that you invest a bit of money and get hold of the Gordon Winterfield book on magick as it will give you lots of options as to which of the Goetic Gods does what and how they can help.

From your perspective are these offenders big or small fry? How much effort are they to you in terms of your power? Other than self satisfaction what does it matter to you that they are suffering?

How fast can you get your card back? How fast can you stop spending on the card? Did they take the tools of your trade? Did they steal your creativity? Did they steal your ideas and ingenuity? No, they are pathetic individuals who think they are big because they have $100 and someone’s debit card - that’s their punishment and that is how they will stay.


What’s their punishment ? Having my stuff ?

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My opinion is burn every motherfucker who screws you in actual planned reality, not for fantasy or revenge that is false.


Well one has a kid I don’t know about the other but u think he does. So I don’t wanna kill him just hurt him

I got a letter from TD bank saying I have to pay for a fraudulent check sent to my bank account . I have to pay $15 . I don’t have the money but if I had it I would rather spend it on something that can help me with my spiritual assent . What demon can help me out of this situation without paying a penny ? Lucifer king Paimon or King Belial ?

So it has been four days say since armed robbers came into my house held my brother and his two friends at gun point and stold stuff It has been on my mind for days I want to summon a demon for revenge I’m being completely honest when I say this