Demon Rosier for Love

I have called upon Rosier for help and I must say he did a great job. The help was quick,in a matter of days he materialized my desires but it turned out the situation wasn t what I had hoped for so now I am working with him to find another way to get my desired target.


did a summoning again as I was not speaking to the boy I want anymore. I was devastated and obsessive. I asked Rosier to bring him back to me ,to make him love me and to make him want me as his gf. I offered him water , a candle and a rose and did not beg him but demanded as I was frustrated. Monday I did the ritual , Tuesday I started talking again with the boy. Today the boy came over to my place and he was acting kinda romantic. He acts like he maybe wants more. AVE ROSIER!


How did this end up for you?


i moved on lol it was 3 years ago. we still talk occasionally. i probably could be with him if i wanted to. but i would advice against demon help or even magick to make a certain person love you or lust for you. you end up falling in the hole you dig for that person :wink:


It sounds very interesting can you share your experience if not I understand

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There’s lots of info without dredging it all up again and again…

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I know about rosier I was asking what made her back out of it lol

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Though I see what you mean I do disagree with that. Use magick demons for what you want including certain people to love and lust for you but sometimes its you who doesn’t want them as much as you think you do. Like for me I do in depth future readings about how it would end up if I was with this person. I’d advise you to go for it just be specific for what you want.
I was once told, when it comes to love spells “At first they might seem off or aggravated but thats just the magick working upon their free will, after a bit it will all smooth out and you’ll get the results you want”


Can you kindly help me with your method of summon Demon Rosier ?