Demon Offering

I was wondering, how to properly offer something to a demon (blood etc.)
Do you drop it on a paper or make a sigil with it an then burn it or?

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Seems to be putting the cart before the horse here? Why do you want to make an offering?

I would advise not offering anything at all except your time and attention, especially when you’re just starting out. Blood makes a bo, and when you’re new you may not even be sure what you’re bonding with is who you think it is… these are skills to develop first not second, ideally.

Try this tutorial to get contact and make a request using a sigil.

Otherwise, an easy way would be to say, take a tealight candle, in a meditative state light it, call to the entity and announce that you are making an offering and why, then place your offering of a drop of blood on wax to the side of the flame and let the candle burn down.


Thanks for the advise.

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