Demon Kings, Belial and Asmodeus evocation = Anger and Sexual Dreams

So I’ve been working the left hand path for the last month and chose multiple demons to work with. Using their cardinal directions with respect to their hierarchy in the infernal as well. roughly

Belial in the North
Lucifer in the East
Bael in the South
Astaroth in the West

Since doing evocations I’ve learnt a lot and approach Lucifer 1st to petition my workings with them all. I’ve only encountered Belial recently on Saturday past doing an evocation of all demons mentioned, Belial approached me with a black body with a red flaming aura around him and horns. Looked like a gargoyle type being or devil man crybaby’s demon champion. He was too cool as he exuded swag. He took a chair and sat down to have a conversation with me and basically asked me what’s up. I told him when I walk the earth I want to walk as him, to have his powers and mastery of the self and to be invincible while I venture down the Tree of Death. He said ok. and I’ve been receiving messages from him more and more. I had a glimpse of Azazel come through as well even though I haven’t worked with him or have his seal which was strange. Anyways Belial asked me to start with a 30 day working with him not 90 days. But I believe our rshp will far exceed 30 days… I view the 30 days as an initiation period to measure my resolve in this workings.

Belial has been leading me to work with various demons since not mentioned here. But I took it upon myself to work with Asmodeus as I feel he is my patron demon and have been orchestrating my life. I drew his star intuitively years ago and didn’t think it was connected to him at all. But upon realizing this I knew his been with me for a long long time.

I’ve given way to lust and anger for a huge part of my life without any clear direction and things just got crazy af where I’m usually self loathing my actions cz of the affect they have being so profound. I even got into gambling which only occurred recently where I lost all my money and in debt. All this occurred prior to me working with demons as I’ve been working with Hindu Gods for the greater part of my life.

Upon my conclusions I feel its necessary to contact Asmodeus as he is somewhat behind the scenes pulling the strings. I evoked him last night and upon evocation feelings of anger arose with silly situations. And I realized this is a test of my will pertaining to Asmoday. I let the anger wash over me until it passed. And took it as a message that he is with me. In a insanely long time and coincidentally I have a sex dream about two women and sleeping with them. It was so intense I was moaning in my sleep as if it were real… This could be attributed to nofap however but its just too synchronistic. I heard he comes through dreams. Should I take this as a good sign?

I will continue working with these demons. Currently I believe Belial is changing my mind about what is good and evil and what is required of me going forward. As I have a sense of peace and calm when thinking about the Left Hand path and less fear doing these things as I did before.

I’ve never worked with demons directly as I have been now but I always had a connection to my demonic side and reveled in the fact that I could bathe in darkness where others are scared I feel absolute strength and peace… It could just be toxic positivity movement but my life has been 1 hell of a trip for me to know I’ve always been different from what society says you should be… I’m glad I came around to this path now at my Saturn’s Return. I’m curious to see where this journey will take me

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Welcome back, @KuroBrujo Please answer my questions and complete your introduction as is required here. You did not provide sufficient information in your previous post regarding your experience in magick.

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Alright. Do I have to create a separate post explaining my experience with magick and the occult?

No, just reply to me in your first thread.

Fucking A…

All I can say is Hail Asmodeus. :metal:

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