Demon House

Has anyone else seen Zak Bagans movie Demon House?

What did you think about it?

I fell asleep almost half way through it…

As much as I work with demons I never have all that stuff happen to me…so I want to call bullshit on a lot of it.


New movie for Queen and I sounds like


I’m gonna watch it again tonight to see what I missed by falling asleep…

But Idk. .it just feels … off to me.


I’m kinda skeptical of ghost hunting shows in general but Bagans is at least entertaining. His method of finding an already active location and talking shit to the spirits there does work if all you want is to see some weird shit but its a far cry from what us sorcerers do, and not very useful for anything else. Haven’t seen the movie yet but this stuff in the end is show business, so even if some of it is real, they propably put fake stuff in as well to make it more “entertaining” for the masses


Yea I agree…

And I don’t see the point …alot of times they claim on be helping people get rid of a demon but from what I can tell just make it angry.

Instead of going in guns blazing …why not find out why the demons upset and how can they try to fix it…

Or half the time I don’t even thinks it’s a demon they just experience something negative and label it demon. … most demons I know do not behave like any of that.


Well they don’t actually have the training to reliably exorcise or communicate with the spirits they encounter(that aren’t staged) and using non christian methods may get them boycotted or something anyway. To be frank I myself am more likely to get rid of any spirits that actually get violent than to negotiate with them unless its likely they are the wronged party.


Yea I understand that…but they dont know why the spirits are behaving that way and jump to assumptions. …

But you are right on TV they cannot use out methods.


Aww Ghost Adventures is one of my favorite tv shows. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not saying its a bad show, but there’s plenty room for improvement too. It’s still my favorite of the ghost/demon/big foot hunting shows


I do like ghost adventures much better than ghost hunters.


I have not seen that movie yet but can’t help but like Ghost adventures and Zak and Aaron even though they are silly, and i personally think the spirits get upset for the same reason i would.

Guys, if you don’t turn off that goddamn annoying spirit box right now and try to have a real conversation with me, it’s getting ramped up one of your asses. :rage:



I feel bad cuz Zak makes Aaron do all the scary stuff by himself…

Oh yea we are gonna send you down in the creepy basement with the growling demon …in the dark…
By yourself…

I’m like Ummm. .why can’t you do it and I’ll stay at the command center and wait for you to scream like a Lil bitch :joy:

…seriously though I do think Aaron gets bullied a little.

But my sister and I have always watched ghost adventures it’s our thing and the closest I get to the occult with my family. She can actually see spirits.

Her last baby is named Zachary after you know who :joy:

And I’m just like Zagan would have been way cooler but hey … it wasn’t my baby :confused:



Check out the movie called Veronica on Netflix. Creepy.


Ok I will :laughing:

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I LOVE Ghost Adventures. Never miss an episode. Always amuses me to know that Zak was originally a DJ at a club before he hit it big with Ghost Adventures.

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Thanks for the film tip @Eye_of_Ra


I know this guy from the ZOZO documentary with Darren Evans.


I watched it the second time without falling asleep and it was better.


Wow that was heavy stuff. Or something got horrible wrong during a necromancy ritual or there is been a curse? What do you think @Eye_of_Ra? And do you have an idea who the goat figure could be?

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I think it was cursed all along …but what they did just aggrivated it even more.

The goat figure sounds like alot of different spirits/ demons

But since the first nIght I started trying to watch the movie Balam came to as soon as it started playing…and he’s been close around ever since …I see Balam with horns so I’m wondering if he connects somehow.