Demon for success in sales?

I make a living as a salesperson, and honestly, I’m pretty good at it, but I’d like to be even better. I’ve done some searching on the site, and I’ve found stuff on finding employment and money and everything, but I’m looking specifically to boost my sales abilities. Any recommendations?


Jupiter, Bune, Amaymon, Paimon, Belial, Azazel.


I heard Clauneck is the best one for that . Inform urself tho because I people say he can turn ur life upside down , for the good tho


It depends on your field. Do you make your own products or sell pre-made items? If they are your own creation I can’t recommend Belphegor enough. S/He has been amazing in helping me with inspiration and drawing in customers.


I actually sell service for a large cable/internet company, though I want to start up my own business in the future, which my boyfriend and I are currently in the early makings of.

I didn’t actually think that was within Azazel’s area of expertise…I guess he does have a lot of power though and can probably do mostly anything. Maybe I’ll go with him since I’ve already worked with him. Then again, been considering Belial for awhile…have heard he can be harsh though.

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Jupiter sigil from, jason millers financial sorcerry.


Well when you start your own business Belphegor is a great option. As a general purpose option though JD Temple’s Jupiter Rite is another one that’s fantastic. Unless you buy the book I don’t think you can find it in one place, but you can piece the whole thing together by watching the BALG videos on it and watch him perform the whole ritual live. You need to see both to get the full thing put together though.


Can anybody share this Jupiter Sigil and some info about how we should work with it?

I believe the specific planetary seals from Jason Miller’s work are copyrighted, and so cannot be posted to the forum without permission, but you can try this one:


I’ve seen tons of sigils from Koetting’s work on here. Are they not copywritten as well?

Permission to post them was given years ago by Timothy as doing so promotes Koetting’s work.

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Keep in mind while choosing that do you do actively than entity that are expertise in Maya, Femenine side, pull, mind control

Or do you have people under you doing sales for you than different entities

I assume that…


Without a doubt I would recommend Santa Muerte.

I tried spirits like Clauneck for years and although they gave results nothing compared to Santa Muerte.

Although I know that popular worship in Mexico combines Catholicism, you can work with it leaving aside those Christian elements like I do.


Have you had some experience with this god in the context of sales?