Demon for help with astral senses

I am trying to open my astral senses to speak with demons. About a week ago, I think I entered a theta gamma sync. So I tried again today.

I listened to two different binaural beats and I had Dantalion’s sigil on the keyboard of my laptop with an incense lit. In about 3 mins I was zoned out. About 5 mins later, my eyes got watery and started closing. I looked at Dantalion’s sigil and started gazing at it. I saw two of the circles close in together to form a triangle. Nothing much happened to the sigil. When I looked away from the sigil and looked at the video, I was falling asleep. My eyes closed twice for about 30 seconds and then I opened them. When I was done I was very tired .

I called Dantalion during this and asked him some questions and I didn’t hear anything. So what demon can help me develop my astral senses to hear and see demons ? I searched hear and King Paimon came up a few times. How would he help me with this ?

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King Paimon of you ask will help you with your senses but you need to work for it aswell but here’s something E.A talked about in his live stream the other day get a indigo candle, meditate on it and as it burns imagine the indigo energy flow into your third eye, every time you breath in and release negative energy when you breath out imagine black just pouring out of your mouth.

And when you pull energy in pull it into your sacral (I think forgot which one he said sacral or solar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and if you ask for KPs help and do this then you should have it opened pretty soon.

Abit of this i knew about before he mentioned it and I kind of adapted it into my way of doing things.

(Let me tell you a secret you don’t even need the candle just imagine the energy coming into your mind just pull it from the universe)


Lucifer, seere, myself.


How can you help me ?


Is it ok if I ask Duke Dantalion to help me with telepathic communication and King Paimon and Lucifer to help with hearing ?

I think it’s a misconception that senses will just kind of pop open, it’s not like opening your eyes, they’re more like muscles you develop with time and work, but usually by quantum leaps and not linear slog.

JMO! :smiley:


How did you develop your astral hearing

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Kept talking to spirits until I heard them talk back.


How long did that take ? I enter the tgs state and if I’m in it deep enough I close my eyes and just keep calling the spirit

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I don’t remember exactly, but I don’t think any number value will help you, it could become a deadline or a discouraging far-off thing.

I had no concept of TGS or anything of that kind at the time.

But I will tell you that persistence, combined with a core of unreasonability and refusal to accept “reality,” is the key to success in many fields of human endeavour… :thinking:


Persistent perfect practice, and determination and more persistence seem to be the key for anything.
I was wondering the other day about this, and while there are certain methods mentioned here and elsewhere on various gifts, now that we have information on working with angels, elementals, demons, spirits, people etc, we have a great advantage in this world.
No entity seems to like laziness or slacking.
I think personally, that is my largest obstacle to ascent, along with or the key being procrastination.
They seem to respect us when we put in research, planning, and work. The Great Work.
So opening the astral senses … Paralda and Ghob can help (Wealth isn’t just material), Sastan, Gabriel, they can help. There are many more.


There is every astral sense, just as we have every physical/material sense.
Tarot keys 1-7 are meditated upon by one school for physical sense work. GD/AA expect students to put in work for sense and imagination training.
Wow … There was a mental shift. Quiet as to hear a pin drop and the ringing in the ear again.
What the thought was, was use your imagination.
Tarot keys 8-14 or 15-21 might be used for opening astral senses, I never thought of that but will have to meditate on those keys and their meditations again.

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I’m not saying they don’t exist, just that it’s not generally as simple as trying to open an eyelid, but that’s good because people get discouraged when they can’t find “one weird trick” and suddenly see spirits as clearly as they see the room around them.

Some people get a clicking or pressure sensation followed by an increase in a sense, but that’s still middle ground, between training a muscle that progresses over time, or opening an eyelid, because energy isn’t as bound to physical laws, unlike physical muscles.

I am concerned people hold themselves back expecting their third eye to just “open” and suddenly it’s all right there, or get discouraged that it won’t ever happen for them.


Meditation and breath work is a key to a lot of mysteries. This is the fundamental neophyte step that is largely ignored to most including myself. Master it.
After that, visualization and continued sense (physical) training. Not only are those initial keys a key, they also embody the hermetic laws and the other fifteen metaphysical laws.
Think of the rider Waite Devil or Magician.
Where do their hands and finger point? Why?
What possible Hermetic Law could this answer be coupled with Creative Imagination?


Nice post, I was also searching for the same thing.

@TheRookie @RiseorDie mentioned pull in energy from the universe, it is explained in detail in the book titled “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” by Jason Miller :slight_smile: You gotta check it out.