Demon for creativity

Is there a demon that can help me make really I mean really catchy melodies. A lot of these mainstream artists low-key work with demonic entities and when they say stuff like don’t over think it the idea will “come to you” or in interviews they say “the idea fell out the sky and it just came to me” I know there must be some influence there, because I bust my ass making songs and I know how difficult it is. However with the right spirit backing ne I can go very far. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know it would mean a lot to me.


Have you tried using the sesrch function? There are many threads on the topic of demons for music.


Emperor Lucifer
King Paimon
Duke Amduscias

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It’s not just about the issue of creativity but to be a successful musician you need to not only be creative but also appeal to the masses. Even if you can do that you need to convert that into money by touring, gigging, sponsorship on YouTube etc.

Depending on where you live will affect many things: visa requirements for international tours as well what your culture considers good and popular although neither term is considered mutually exclusive it is important to remember that Western and non Western music sounds different

I would suggest you ask yourself what your end goal is here: is it purely to be creative, it is to become a world famous musician, or is it to hold down a reasonably successful job as a musician.

If creativity is your only goal as has already been said there are a plethora of topics on the subject but working with one demon or spell should be enough.

If your goal is a bit more grandiose then again there are a plethora of topics on the subject however you may want to consider a more layered approach.

Edit: As with almost all types of magic don’t expect results overnight


Paimon would be great for this.

On a mundane note, sing lots of melodies. There are few things as good for you musically as singing lots of great melodies and also then playing around with the melodies after you learn the original.

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You can try Euterpe

Get into dictionaries and develop a love for words and their meanings

Oh believe me I’m working out like crazy and I’m planning my image very cunningly. I’m all about image and I know that’s like 80% of the game. Which is why I’d love to have a spirit backing me whom I can build with and rise up the ranks with. Like a powerful partnership except my buddy is invisible :smile:

I agree. I’m from the UK and I rap. Kinda like central cee not that you’ve heard of him but yes it’s very much about flow and melody.
I’m already pretty sick regardless or spiritual help which is why I know without a shadow of a doubt it I had the right spirit helping me I can do big things.

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Someone told me to work with the 3 muses

Well if your music really is top shelf then I’d say it’s more of a marketing problem. Some pretty bland stuff gets to be the most commercially successful because it was destined to be that way before it was even created. I’m guessing that’s not you, so I’d look into how other artists like you broke through the various barriers and use magick to support your actions towards success.


Rather than using a demon to gain fame in my musical career, couldn’t I just use a demon to help me find “my sound” so to speak. And kinda give me and epiphany as to
How I should be rapping to get to where I wanna go.

For example I’d suspect that demons would really excel when it comes to implanting new melodies in to your brain.

Like I’m sure they’d have an ideal image of me and they’ll be able to manoeuvre me on to that path.

Just a thought.

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That’s what Amducias does. You were already recommended that above. Look him up on here using the keywords “Amducias music” and also try “music inspiration”

(Topics merged as it’s the same question.)

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Funny thing is I’ve heard about him before but didn’t know he specifically implanted new ideas and concepts. I’ll look him up!

You could call upon Phenix.

Amducias as mentioned before is specifically said to give inspiration for composition in both writing and music. I would recommend him the most.

Paimon, Dantalion, Phenex teach art. Phenex and Paimon specifically are mentioned to teach music.

Crocell is know for helping people study but it wouldn’t hurt to ask if he can also guide you to your “sound.”


Others have mentioned demons that can assist you, and I agree and have used a variety of magickal methods for creativity and artistic learning and development. If I may, I’d like to suggest some things which I’ve learned about learning art and building an art career.

Finding “your sound” is something that happens naturally as you go deeper into your artform. This is obvious to some people and not so much to others, and every good art teacher I’ve had mentions something along these lines. If you want to get better, you need to consume more art. If you want to be a good musician, then you need to listen to music.

It sounds so obvious that it may be unclear as to why it is so emphasized, but I think it is important to remember. To work on your personal musical expression, just copy stuff that you dig. Do that enough and eventually you’ll start naturally piecing together different things and finding what you like to do and coming up with new sounds and melodies and stuff.

It sounds like you are afraid that you won’t be able to create melodies without direct supernatural intervention and aid. I’m guessing you’re just at a beginner stage and all you really need to do is practice more. I really recommend that you sing more melodies. That’s all you need to do. If you learn and internalize music that you like, it will become a part of you, and when you attempt to create music, all the music you have internalized will be there to inspire you.

The initial stages are sometimes the most difficult, but you just have to practice. Practice with magickal support, but practice. If you want to get better at making music, then practice making music and practice playing music. Become a better musician. There’s no way around putting in the time and practicing.

To build a career I’d look at what other artists who have become successful did, but if you are concerned about making melodies and are having trouble with doing that, then I would set any career concerns aside for now and focus on cultivating skill. Some build careers in the art world without really being much of an artist, and if you want to do that then far be it from me to stop you from being self-actualized and fulfilled, but otherwise I would make your art practice, presumably why you want to build an art career anyways (so you can spend your time in your art), your main priority, and along the way you can gradually figure out what it means to be a professional.

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I’ve been making music for 3 years every single day trying to master my sound. I know how to create melodies and people have told me their really good. I wanna release this year and demonic help would be very much of use. I believe magic ain’t the success it’s the aid.


Ah ok sorry, usually when I’ve heard people say they have trouble with making melodies they’re usually beginner musicians, not someone looking to break through to the next level.

What’s causing you to feel the need for magickal assistance with this in particular? Regardless, I’m sure there’s some combination of magickal and regular things you can do to shake it up and find some freshness. I’ve found that either mixing it up with a new genre I don’t usually go for or picking out a classic I haven’t gotten to yet, or maybe finding some new material from a favorite artist tends to bring that fresh inspiration and gives me some new ideas to try out, or at the very least helps alleviate any burnout or frustration by reminding me why I’m so into the artform.

I think it’s stagnation in my creative thoughts and I suffer a lot with writes block. Which is why I feel a demon could wipe cleat the energetic blockage. Also it’ll be nice if ideas came to me out the blue instead of having to always sit and write with deep thought. It’ll lighten the burden a little. I’m regards to the fame that’ll be nice but I’m more willing to work on my stage at this point because if I can become a top tier artists by myself the fame will naturally be a by product. I just want to create divine melodies the kind of thing that has to come from a supernatural source.

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It sounds like making music is a laborious process for you that always requires a lot of focus and concentration. If so, I would focus more on practicing and improving than making a breakthrough record.

I’ve been doing “art magick” for a good few years. I would do the “art magick” first, then you can start thinking about how to get money magick to work with art.

Making a good record won’t automatically make you famous. I know plenty of really good musicians, almost none of whom will ever be commercially successful in any way. You have to intentionally build a career. Fame doesn’t just happen without some sort of a platform and likely ongoing active marketing attempts.

I always smile when I see a successful artist, but just realize that there are many who say they want this but are very ignorant about the “entrepreneurship” side of being a professional artist, sometimes even the art side as well. It’s not exactly all smoking blunts and posting instagram stories.