Demon entered my body help me

You speak as though an entity isn’t inside of you though.

Been there done that. It took all these over and over and journeying techniques in combination.

You speak as though you haven’t tried anything yet.

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The bald headed astral dynamics rob?

No I trust the hell out of what you said. I was inquiring more info from you

I’m a believer not a doubter.

Well best of luck. There’s tons of info on this site about how to get rid of various unwanted entities.

I think the one’s on Parasites would be helpful. Try this thread… the top 4 are collected in here:

Tell me. Was it the astral dynamics rob?

Can’t be, his name is Robert not Rob. Must be a completely different Robert Bruce that has interviewed on EAs channel and talks about parasite removal. :roll_eyes:

How many do you know?

What i meant by “you speak as though the entity is inside of you”… when you said showers with intention to wash away the spirit from you. When you’re possessed and it feels like an entity is inside, is it actually just an entity influencing your aura from the outside and it feels that way?
How many showers would it take to rid yourself of the possesion

Well I meant Robert not rob, the guy is bald and has like a goatee right?

… youtube, type Robert Bruce, he’s literally the first channel that comes up - 4 links down is this:

One or never, depends on the entity and your skill - intention is everything. This might not be the best tool for either you as a mage or the entity involved.

This is an experiential art, not a science, it’s not for other mages to tell you how to design your workings - you have to research, find ideas, try them and find out. Some will work, some wont. Not everything works for everybody. Keep what works, don’t worry about the rest, and you will build a toolbox of techniques that work for you personally.

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How long must you remain in the circle of the hose before exiting in order for the excarnation to be successful? And does it need to be 3 feet all in all? Or 3 feet in width from the starting point of your feet from each side

Moments. Step in, step out, done. Pat yourself down and see how you feel. Look back into the circle and see if you can sense anything still there.

It needs to be big enough to stand in and not so big that it’s a pain in the arse to form. The diameter is not magickal at all, it’s just practical.

Does this work on unwanted Angel’s too?

I don’t know. I’m not experienced with ‘angels’ possessing people, that seems rare.

A basic banishing for an entity like that should be enough. I like enchanted salt water for that myself.

I don’t want to exorcise him I wouldn’t do that he will leave. He’s not a threat I’ll be able to see him one day And when that day comes I will be questioning him

Ain’t nobody on this post understand the question I asked. I didn’t ask how to exorcise him. Why would I need to exorcise something that isn’t hurting me or causing me mental physical emotional pain?

I asked what does it mean to feel knocking within the body? I didn’t ask how to exorcise him I don’t care to exorcise him he’s not a threat

I’m not doing a lesser banishment ritual

He has the skill to communicate he’s communicated with me a few times a long time ago. But I didn’t treat him right I was fearful and was annoyed cause he kept talking to me so he stopped talking to me.

I gave you my answer to that question, and it was my opinion that banishing would be beneficial. Nobody said you asked for a banishing, it’s the advice you’re being given nonetheless.

I think 9timeoutof5 is asking for his own benefit.

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Because it forced it’s way into your body?

And how are you going to do this without forcing it out?

Then deal with it how you see fit, since you don’t want anyone else’s advice on taking care of it properly.


You wrote, it’s driving you insane. You wrote, it did not happen with your consent, but it forced you, speak “raped” your body. You implied, that it’s doing things you don’t want it to do. You wrote, this tortures you.

So, yeah, people assume because of what you write, that you want it out of your body.

I don’t understand, either, why you had want to keep an unknown being inside of your body, when you neither know, who it is, what it’s motives and plans are and as you wrote, has forced it’s way inside of you.

One usually gets rid of parasites as does with illnesses.

Getting rid of it, in this case, is the most wise thing to do, so people suggest exactly that.