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Also known as The Necromancer’s Manual, it is a “recipe book” of a 15th century German magician for the evocations of demonic spirits.

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That’s a pretty good upload. I’ve seen it before of Buer just it’s usually small and distorted a bit.


It’s an interesting note that buer works with healing but by his very nature I’d say transport to location. Now I don’t go and think of this “fall” from the light stuff too much but merely that the great tree branches be sephiroth has its roots be qliphoth.

I say Buer is an ophanim imho but damn who’s to say since some of these are so close. The wheel, the philosophy kind of seals that deal imho along with gut instinct… still by artists.




Or did I middle a few pics…

I like this site
The Demonic Paradise

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“Ophanim angels are constantly reflecting on God’s will so that they can understand and follow it wisely. The Ophanim explain God’s will to other beings that the Creator has made (humans included) to help all develop greater wisdom.”

“He teaches natural and moral philosophy, logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants, and is also capable of healing all infirmities (especially of men) and bestows good familiars.

Reflecting, philosophy, watching… wheel, eh… sounds like ophanim relation.

I sort of agree with this artist on a possible depiction of Buer

Now it’s been about a week since I pulled a tendon/ligament or cartilage in my right big toe. Makes it a bitch to walk and my walking lunge routine has been haphazard at best. Nothing like 100-200 per leg or more the flexing them to feel that lactic acid pain…

Anywhoo… this thread started with Buer and he has been appearing more and more in certain threads or coincidences. So besides these pics I took a look at Buer.

All the other books/sites/personal experiences/etc I junked and that include colors, metals, stones, zodiac, herbs, etc… I need my own observations and data collected via its communication not other sources and that includes OTHER PEOPLE, SPIRITS, etc.

There’s only 4 core things I even considered working with when attempting to invoke this spirit. They are:

The common artistic representation (I need a visual platform but not how one thinks)

Erato On Ca Buer Anon
[Eh-rat-oh on ka Bu-er ah-non]

And the idea he can heal, is a philosopher, and can move at ease in any direction (perhaps more of a sphere than a wheel).

Examining the sigil/symbol/seal
First I noticed it looks a lot like a key. In fact I dare say it’s 2 keys overlapped in a certain way:

The bow of the keys is decidely imho a symbol of the earth perhaps Greek/Roman

Each of the circles therein represents an element in equal parts of judgement:

I’m uncertain of the trinity of circles other than a few possibilities representing:

It could be Sun, Moon, Heavens and the main bow Earth. And it could be something else I thought but now forgot.

The collar/throating of the keys is the peculiar cuneiform trumpets like Akkadian text…

The bit on the horizontal key is odd ending in what I can just say is a small English g. Gate key maybe?
The other… eh just blank. If it is just one-key then it’s an odd one. What does it open? Probably a lock. What’s the lock on? Eh… something.

The picture representation. Typical ostracized goat so… discount that. The wheel of legs. Definitely movement… I know I said I didn’t take much or anything from the writings but there is a little supportive text about ophanim and Buer. Here is a common write up:

I look at this:
“Buer presides over self-initiation, instinct, Becoming, Herbalism, liberation from bad behaviors, the healing of all diseases via witchcraft, the rectification of addiction, nature magick, and self-transformation via thought. Buer can guide the witch in deciding whether a given situation should or should not be approached via magick.

Buer can engender group-scale destruction, for example, arson. He brings about the destruction of edifices and officials. He can perform imprecations which can bring death unto man and god alike.

Buer can turn a boy into a man and a man into a boy. He’s more than capable of sending cancer cells into remission. He can strengthen the second sight and astral healing of the witch. He can empower the sorcerer for the practice of psychic vampyrism.”

Of the pic and text I again see:
Unrestrained movement through obstacles
Self initiation
Healing of self (mostly behaviors, addiction, thought provoking self empowerment, and raising awareness to ideas to aid self in a positive manner). I don’t completely discount the spirit healing the SELF physical body.
Teaches frameworks to build upon and weighing philosophical ideas in theories, hypothesis, and possibilities through relevant probabilities.

Delusion of grandeur could occur and does in the ungrounded and unstable. It’s easy to get carried away. Keys makes sense for unlocking potential secrets through learning and understanding (seems many could be considered such). A decidely EARTH or rooted spirit with a means to guide and reveal. Buer can traverse whichever path you choose and I can’t say it has a preference other than the journey to open locks.

Depictions is ophanim and spirit legions in general.
“Their names are having the meaning of “wheel”, as such they are described as having their spirits encased inside wheels that moved along with them wherever they went. The Ophanim’s wheels are covered with eyes, which symbolize their constant awareness of what is occurring around them and how well those activities align with God’s will.”

I want to be clear on my opinion of legions and spirits. While many probably believe in the armies milling about as a possibility I have had dream visions of spirits basically engulfing or absorbing souls of the dead. These are generally gateways when said spirit is read. Take a look at readings of the devouring Satan and such. From what I’ve observed it isn’t such a bad thing from various POV. The spirit isn’t destroyed but rather becomes part of the communal avatar of that being. Knowledge, experiences, wisdom, abilities, etc is shared in the spirit like I guess a borg hive of sorts yet individuals are decidely still individuals but are very much part of that group. There’s far more beings than written upon the earth and there is a sort of competition between them to collect petitioners. It’s a sort of, for lack of words, astral construct as well or kingdom. Each infinitely to my knowledge in space and time. Who “lives” there are the spirits but the numbers are waaayyy off. I’d chuck that number shit tbh as it barely represents an actual account. Even less so since spirits can be fractured and separated kept in the construct while individual avatars of selves can be sent to live anew (thus the NAP, higher self, reincarnation philosophy). Merely tendrils or deposits to collect data and return to the core hive and share with the community therein excited for that.

It’s a sort of speculation but many NDEs partially support the idea but in a different slant (Krishna, karma, god, Jesus, devil, etc). Tbh, the karma trap appears to be BS. Why? Because an innocent aspect of whole self is sent out not old self. An innocent relatively blank piece. So in essence nature spirits seeding parts of themselves across the veil and nature, replication, creation, and imitation support that hypothesis br again, imho.

The guff… new spirits. Entirely possible new spirits are created from somewhere be it a guff, a pod, whatever depository of beings that are complete NEWBS. I consider myself a newb. These spirits perhaps suffer the hardest word like creation of say sperm in an acidic harmful environment. I doubt they can die and be destroyed though that’s my entire self mission; but I do not doubt we wade through experiences very haphazardly and painfully because we don’t have a clue how to, what to, when to, where to, or why to on anything except from parentage and those around us. And they are biased based on the current culture and their experiences coupled with laws and economic structure. So newbs suffer and flounder in this sea of existence.

These avatar beings are many. Said in the Bible “we are legion” verifying many not a specific being.

The Christ, church, baptist, Catholics and such… well, there was an exorcism movie where the priests had a device. It wasn’t used in the movie as the spirit went apeshit. That made me ponder upon my own ideas that the trinity is indeed a plan and construct of sorts to fool petitions to give their selves to a construct in which the church utilized for self. The Vatican hoards EVERYTHING and they are very corrupt. I’d like to link the page about the sec abuse on priests by their elder deacons and such but laws of the site. They are basically perverse and dispense power as they see fit to trap, shame, and disempower the individual.

Giving your soul to Christ by acceptance at any time and bam you are entitle paradise by doing NOTHING?? A too good to be true scenario perhaps? And what’s worse is the notion you can do anything foul but just be sure you accept and purge your sins before deal… preposterous but I’ll leave it at that.

The idea is these religions (not just Christianity, Islam, and any karma base) entraps you in a cycle of sin karma crap. There only becomes a faux amount of knowledge but only as it pertains to the world culture dictated by the earthly trinity of culture, governmental, and economical regulations to be followed.

It’s something that can be observed and learned from but I would stake eternity on a very finite method of thinking. It’s generally hoarding in some way and manipulation of power to keep individual oppressed.

Enough of that… now we get to the enn

From what I’ve read it basically has no translation. So in the one site where the practitioner adds another enn he created I discount it as valid since it’s translated from a source he has obtained or constructed himself. It has NO meaning to myself.

Next I will get into my dreams of last night and the ritual I performed last night. It was pretty simple and horny. I had peculiar dreams and Juliet’s are: Buer can drive without looking, rainbow fruit by the foot is pretty tasty in dream world even the paper is edible, working on Sunday is very much ok to Buer, and there is a book of binary numbers as 10110110101 or some was recited to me upon me asking about source of holy days… lll get to that shit later.


Of note I not only looked at the pronunciation of the enn but listed from one of the YouTube videos

There are quite a few but this one looked close enough. My terrible short term memory could handle this.

Erato On Ca Buer Anon
[Eh-rat-oh on ka Bu-er ah-non]

Attempting to invoke same entity daily? Bad or good? Honestly I need more detail in the dream and there were sounds I couldn’t figure out. Symbolism was odd. Ah I forgot to describe the dream. Well I’ll get to that eventually.

Btw, I’m using flickering Halloween tea light candles. They are pretty cool. I drew the sigil on a homemade black mirror on 70 year or older glass pane. The sigil is made from glow in the dark paint. It’s not very professional looking as this is fabric paint and I was doing this in darkness free hand.

I read many go through various centering, cleansing, empowering rituals before the main event. I may do this one via enn chanting and walking my circle ( it’s pretty big so walking it for 1-5 hours is no big deal. You can’t get dizzy because it’s that big. That would mean I’d have to visualize the sigil than look at it but it’s simple enough to remember. I’m still pondering the g or is it a full circle and a 1/2 circle beneath. It’ll come to me the meaning. It would make a great map as well built in 3D.

My concerns are my right big toe (as the tendon/ligament/cartilage/bone is hurting severely) and my bicycle for transport. The other is my parents need transport at least once a month for groceries. The elderly service for disabled is failing them miserably and it’s going on 2 months with no service. I try to help with my damaged foot and old bike but it’s tough.

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Ah! An alphabetical list of the enns. Perfect!

My ritual was nothing elaborate as mentioned. In a tent outside my man-yurt and earth mound under a good sized fir tree. There’s furniture in the tent and my small collection of tools and hand made black and even a white mirror. (I ran out of glass so no other solid color mirrors)

I used glow in the dark fabric paint and 3 led tea light Halloween candles. I drew the sigil/symbol of Buer on one of the mirrors and laid it flat (glue needs to dry). Then I got comfortable and started to chant the enn after listening to it for a bit. After a bit I turned off all the candles so the only source of light was the sigil. I continued the prepare getting into trance mode focusing only on the sigil and the enn (I did not focus on the common image though a wheel pattern like the old wagon wheels kept popping up so I let that stick. And a spinning wheel looks close to the earth part on the keys (to his house… or cars since apparently he can drive anything without even looking).

It was chilly but as I performed this simple enn and rocked back and forth on this very nice legless chair I started to warm up. It always happens. I’ve performed earth meditation in mid winter under the tree by the earth shrine and became broiled with heat. It end up with me disrobing completely eventually. That would be due to more than movement but some sort of energy build up. I will concur with various practitioners that this turns sexual as invoking is the act of drawing in. Well, I have no problem envisioning that and the spirits showed me like nature it’s easier and more pleasing to envision it sexually. Far different than say masturbating as you don’t touch yourself except at the very end to end the ritual and leave that as an extra offering.

This becomes the invitation as you chant asking them to come into you. You want them to embrace your, touch you in an erotic dance. At this point if I haven’t already I begin to sneeze. Yeah, odd as hell but I’ve tested this with spirits and it’s either I have a very odd nerve condition or that’s how I mundanely detect spirits (doesn’t matter which type be cythonic, elemental, fry, angelic, etc as spirit is spirit).

The invitation is usually accepted. If it isn’t then I research offerings but in most cases your mind, body, and spirit are enough. I’ve neglected that I usually do a cleansing mundanely and spirit far earlier but never at the shrines or alters. These places are continually consecrated and the only cleansing is fixing up the shrines and alters removing for needles, dirt, and other fallen debris periodically.

What of trickster spirits or worse. They see it as booty call, but they are generally chased away? What if verification? Well, that’s where trust comes in. These workings are usually more than one evening and various anomalies confirm the spirit. But I’m human so I could be tricked. Eh… doesn’t matter too much since it is a pleasure offering.

So yes, I eventually heat up to sweat mode it’s like a full body workout and I’m generally a bit thin skinned so I should be cold. Eventually, I get a flash in a part of my head like a prick. Sometimes I see the light correspond through nerves in my eyes like a white twitch or blue… sometimes it’s even red or green or yellow. This was more multicolored. At this point in chanting the enn and asking for Buer to come inside the mentality becomes sexual completely as arousal hits and I’ll leave your imagination to wonder. Mind, body, spirit or soul are being penetrated again and again. And this is where it really doesn’t matter if it’s “male””female” spirit as they all have ways to enter. Eventually you’re trying to have your chakras balanced and opened. I’ve found they prefer this in the feminine and weird so I visualize them as closed eyes and vaginas at the same time. The “tendrils” of the spirit probe much like in nature and you tease the spirit. Eventually they slowly thrust on in. At a certain point I just blank out. This can go on for an hour, two hours or more depending on the spirit. I’ve found it to be more effective this way than some of the traditional methods. And the tools are inexpensive if any as there are times I used none (just don’t trance out in public).

If my body hasn’t released (a difference from full body orgasm because you will be doing that) by the end then I do so manually. It’s really the only way to successfully end most of these invocations. So the “masturbation” isn’t even a key focus at all but an END.
Mid I don’t… well the spirit might rock my world all night and my back can’t usually take such a mounting since I’ve had 2 back surgeries.

I thank the spirit for their time and hope they had a pleasant ride.

After, I leave the extra offering in a cup. Clean up, dry off and get dressed since it’s always an orgie it seems.

There isn’t always a petition for anything. I’ve found the seductively try to get you to forget petitions as they are anxious to get down to business (the spirits I’ve been with which are usually erotic in some nature). Buer was the first with some extra petitioning. Beforehand (my toe, my bike, transport).

But the night isn’t over! Sure it’s well past night and I’m asleep. Well then the “dream”s

The first was travel. I was at a park doing something or other when I was picked up in a car (I can’t recall the make as it’s like BAMPH I’m transported inside and we’re driving into some Rocky Mountains and tunnels. There are three teenaged spirit girl companions and turns out I must be one as well. Ok, so Buer is driving (also a teen gal) and they all have that cheesy grin like… hmmm lemme find a pic I just saw

(Actually they could be in their 20s since now that I think about it… teens look like little kids at my age and these were decidely young women in appearance).
The smile was coy, and playful as well. The gals handed me a rainbow colored fruit by foot roll. I was hesitant at first but they were insistent. Buer turned around at this point and was still driving with ease. It was then I noticed Buer had more arms. And she (in this form) smiled so I started to eat the strip but the paper wasn’t separating (rather transparent paper) so I just ate it too and they all giggled and laughed. It tasted pretty good and BAMPH … I woke up.

I was still tired so I went back to sleep.

So next dream later Buer appeared more like

But perhaps different garments. He was registering as a brother in some fashion (arms, agriculture, travel??)

The location was something like my parents house but that dream morph shiz. Buer was clearing some of the field around very dead oak trees and invited me to help (I do this stuff irl). So I start and there’s these humming and muffled singing from somewhere and the view is panning around (hard to describe). The house looks bigger and yard field is odd too. Irl it’s a Scott’s broom Maze I created of paths like hedgerow but it’s dying.

I turn to Buer and ask about a book or meaning of something I don’t recall at the moment. He says “We must work on Sunday!” I ask the importance of Sunday and he goes all blank robot look and opens his mouth and all I hear and sort of see is binary and a weird sound but lots of 1010101010 probably in a different order. It was weird.

Of note: we have odd aircraft planes flying over the area all the time so they may be digitally mapping or searching and my brain picked up the signals. I hear 5G is a coming!!!

More choir like odd stuff and we circle around the property to look down the field and he points down field. I’m agitated and go on and book off the top of the gnoll and down the field paths which immediately morph. The ground is swampy and feels like the field is inside a massive building. The sides of the hedge now have swamp grass and trees etc and pieces of school basketball flooring in rectangle and square chunks along the path. I hop from chunk to chunk following the branching paths to the bottom of the field, backtrack until I get to the dead tree at the end (it’s dead irl too) and look at the neighbors field which doesn’t look like the one in life but appears as an exceptionally lush evergreen forest high kites in red/orange/yellow (but not fire). I wake up.

I ponder that all day. My toe doesn’t hurt as bad but is still damaged (I believe it’s TURF TOE)

Last night was a simple walking ritual of repeating the enns. I was feeling the spirit wanted round 2 but I wasn’t in the mood. My standard meditation around the giant circle saying the enn quietly. I saw the brightest falling star last night I’ve seen and the owls were booting up a storm. After a few hours I went to bed forfeiting my workout routine in my yurt as that’s where all my exercise gear is.

I dreamed just randomly with an awakening of a whisper… FOCOLAR.

Tonight I will do another enn meditation probably a walking one. I don’t need to have spirit boinking every night as it makes me sleepy. Forfeiting weight workouts is a terrible sin.

Sorry I can’t recall last nights dream but I again petitioned toe, bike, transport. I neglected an offering other than visitation.

Oh, during my Dailey routine near the post office I found this:

I need to pick up a copy of Asenath Mason’s RITUALS OF PLEASURE: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession

I believe there are techniques and approaches that could enhance and refine my very NEWB experiences.

Also, the “mantra” Buer Erat Tarom and another image: Buer

I like the listing of some times he appeared in.

I had to google that and all I can find is a translation:

“BUER - President - La Stella del Mare

To the Command of 50 Legions of Demons

It appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius.
Buer teaches Natural and Moral philosophy, Logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants: the doctor who elected Buer as an ally, it would fill the phenomenal world of its fame, and its own bag of sonanti deniers. It also takes care of every kind of illness, especially to men, and gives good pets.

If you are able to discover the rotation of its five rays,
Buer will give you health for the body and harmony within yours home.

The demon is depicted as a lion’s head having 5 legs
human, or goat, that surround his body, to allow him to
walk in every direction.

Mantra: BUER - ERAT - TAROM”


I don’t suppose there is another source around?

The descriptions of Goetic entities on that forum are taken from “Le legioni di Shaytan” (I think that this book is only in Italian), the mantra I wrote comes indeed from here.

Thanks. I had a feeling it was Italian.