Demon by the name of Haurat? I think he appeared in my dream

Hi guys. So i just woke up from a dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams but i remember bits and pieces of this one. One thing i remember is that during the dream i started to hear voices in my head. As i focused on them I heard the words “My name is Haurat. I am a Norweign entity” or something similar. He then appeared in front of me in the dream. He looked like a tall man with long white hair. I searching online but could not find anything on that name. The only thing related to his name that i could find was Malzaz Hyroth. But his description does not match. What do you guys think?

You might have met a new one! Take good notes for the book later :slight_smile: Be cautious and use careful discernment in case he’s not all he seems.


Hi. Thanks for replying! I’m new here. By taking notes for book, do you mean recording all the experiences? Is it really useful? Also I’ve been working on summoning for sometimes. If i really focus while meditating, i can sometimes catch a glimpse of the demon but cannot hear them. What can you recommend for me to improve my rituals?

Yes, takes notes asap afterwards or even during. Being in trance is a lot like being asleep. it’s hard to keep hold of all the memories.

I was also (only half-jokingly) alluding to the possibility that after another few years of these types of experiences and getting to know these new entities, you could publish them in your own grimoire. Asking them for a sigil, getting others to call them and collecting their experiences would all add to that.

Don’t worry about trying to hard, being tense in mind or body can block you.

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