Demogorgon by Valentin Scavr

Is anyone familiar with this work and why the author has forbidden further printing of current editions and the printing of future editions?

Call me cynical, but scarcity pushes the price up and it’s on Amazon for a grand, and UK Amazon for more… If he has a dozen or so copies left over, that’s a small goldmine right there.

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Huh, or perhaps he realised the name was a mistake, mis-transcribed from ‘demiurge’, apparently. If he didn’t know that when he wrote it… :woman_shrugging:
I can still see it being interesting, philosophically, but would it have the same oomph magickally speaking?

“This is perhaps the only time a scribal blunder underwent an apotheosis” – Lewis Caroll

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I have 2 books and was not sure if i was able to sell it here, otherwise i would have here cheaper. I gess a buy section be nice. Any way tje rituals circles here spirts are unknw, its fast etc and a good talk to spirts such pacts. danger, yes a few steps but tink hes not america magik here. Its russia whit offshots of european sects. Its you make or u left as soon u meet the spirts. I sold my copes already last mont for peopls who pm

Ona fellowers love it. And the prints to be release were close due it was too much info to be public. It may be a reprint. On the publisher but not soon. Since 2 part was off. I remember buy tat book for 23 buks back then and 4 months later off. If want a copy or pdf look in tat obscures forums, and may get 1 .for like 300,500 hundre if tey tink u honest.

Thanks to all who replied. I just heard from my mentor that the publisher, Martinet said that Scavr thought that the work was becoming too main stream and so asked for printing to cease.