Deities (Spirits) of Masculinity

Hey Ya’ll,

I was wondering what deities you guy would recommend someone working with that would help with channeling the masculine traits/aspects of oneself? You know, like the first of the first time you ever watched Fight Club, or something like that. xD

Masculinity isn’t just one thing. But I suggest Odin, Thor, or Tyr. These three deities represent (in order) Wisdom, Strength, and Discipline. All of which are masculine traits.



The archangel Samael.

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There’s an angel of endurance and strength in angels of alchemy. Those are my go to. But it also depends on what your idea of masculinity is.

For me masculinity is strength, endurance, and wealth. But also intelligence and creativity.

So I work with angels and demons that pertains to those things.

Demon wise I like Belial, Paimon, Bune, and clauneck.

Belial power.
Paimon creativity.
Bune money.
Clauneck wealth.

Those all reflect the sort of masculine energy I rock with.

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I like Ares for this, god of Mars and War. You could also talk to Thor, Norse god of protection, war and thunder. But Ares has a very aggressive, hyper manly feel to him, Thor has a lover in him, Ares is all “get it done”, business. I’ve channeled Ares when I needed to fight for something and it worked as well as it could considering I’m a very yin and small woman.


Every masculine deity or being can teach you something different

Work with the ones you feel drawn too and new aspecrs of yourself will open up.

Some are more aggressive such as Sutekh while others are more Gentle like Freyr and some are a mix of the two like Samael. Some are a lot darker and intense though such as Odin while others like Hermes or Balder are more light hearted and Thor is a mix so look at what you want more of in your life and find an entity with those aspects

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I feel that both Ares and Thor are about different things. I interpret Thor as a community god, and mostly relies on violence to protect those he cares about. If I recall, he’s also a patron of farmers, builders, and craftsmen as well. So, Thor is not just about masculinity in war, but also production. Which is admirable. Ares, as I’ve understood, is about domination and conquest. Like you’ve said, very aggressive. Course most of the times, I tend to prefer the Norse over the Greeks.

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