Deities for healing injuries

Does anyone know any deities that are good at healing any type of injury? Also please provide me their sigil. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Here you have some to choose from, not sure If sigils are provided but easily fixed takes like 30 sec to make.


Deities don’t usually have sigils, sigils are more associated with demons listed in grimoires, mush later on.

Sekhmet, especially, can help with this, her Wikipedia page possess an image and probably her name in heiroglyphs you can use to form a link.


Quite literally all Catholic Saints and Angels can heal. This is because the method of how the Church determines who Saints are is that they must have two posthumous miracles attributed to their intercession.

An example of a recent elevation to the Canon of Saints.

St. Manuel Míguez González: Canonized on October 15, 2017. Beatification miracle: A woman from Palencia, Spain had been paralyzed for five years from tuberculosis peritonitus was healed on December 1953. Canonization miracle: A woman from Madrid in November 2008 was healed from cancer of the throat and mouth.


… Okay, that one doesn’t explain it as good as i intended.
Basically, once chosen the Deity to work with (for example Sekhmet), you can create a sigil during calling the deity and strengthen your connection during the evokation work.
to start out, a name, a picture, a idol may work as first link.

Side note there.
I had several cases where i got names based on my memory instead of actual channeling,
since my mind tried to make sense of what i’m doing.
Usually the main reason for missing the correct name was being to much awake and to less into trance.
so i’d recommend giving it more then one try, when you feel unsure at the beginning.
When you feel a presense, accept it as a good sign that you actually come through into communication.
Doubting after that point - where you feel something is there - usually gives energy to unneccessary difficulties along the way.




Hygeia, Asecleptus, Mercury, Lilith (psychological and emotional).