Sigil Creation for Non-Grimoired Spirits

I was hoping someone here can tell me what the best method is for creating a sigil for a spirit/entity you know the name of but is not listed in any grimoire.

I’m looking at creating sigils for Angels, Demons and Spirits which I’m pretty sure are familiars of Goetic and Planetary intelligences.

I found this Rosy Cross one which may well suit my needs, however, if anyone knows of any other ways, I’d be grateful.


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I know Uncle Chuckie had a method as well but I just can’t remember which of his books he had it in.

contact the entity and get a sigil directly from it

The easiest way is to use the seven planetary kamea.
Look up the planets attributes that are aligned to the entity you wish to create a nexion to. Use that square. The method of using the 1-9 corresponding alphabet key with these squares will give you a workable sigil.

Thanks guys. Very useful info. Cheers. I had considered both of these ideas but just wasn’t sure if the planetary kamea’s could be used for Goetic Demons, but now that you mentioned aligning the attributes, UndeadGod333, it makes perfect sense. I’m still developing my skills, Necro so I was thinking of a way that would cut down time, although the method you suggested is ultimately the best. I’m just gonna have to dive in and do it.

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“Cornelius Agrippa, the great Renaissance Magician, to whom we all owe so much for synthesising the best practices of Magic right back into Hellenistic Egypt, shows you how to devise “Sigils” — representational images used in ritual or sympathetic magic as a focus for summoning angels, demons, or spirits — from scratch.” JSK

Wouldn’t the easiest way be to used the Abramelin Squares?

how so?