So…I found this eBook in my wanderings.

Being the curious and one for exploration into the Astral unknown. I decided to buy it…”for science”. It is only 12 pages long, about $4 and makes, perhaps, grand or dubious claims. But all of us on BALG, are we not explorers, intrepid travelers of the spiritual?

So anyone else want to venture to buy a copy of a book devoted to the “Angel of Blowjobs” and confer their findings and results here?


I am shocked!- shocked, I tell ya!- that this Ordo Templi Orientis author has other books based on lust chants and sex magic!


LOL I mentioned this book in the TMW thread back in January. It’s a 12 page book of fluff with very little information. From the reviews I’ve seen, it’s very poorly written.

I’m not sure you’d get anything from it, but the seal is plastered right on the cover so you could evoke it and find out, without having to read the trashy book itself.


Yeah…in trying to follow “proper BALG” etiquette if did search for the name before making a new post…but the lack of info (on the book authors part) only added to the mystery. And with my Amazon Prime membership it was only $3.99. So I figured sacrificing a Starbucks coffee was worth risk. And true enough, the book does come across as a “I found this great thing and it was great” without the how, why, and even without the Hebraic script. But who knows, maybe this is the “broken clock being right twice a day”, since I haven’t bought any of his other eBooks…but I will investigate the “Angel of BJs”… FOR SCIENCE!!! And not because I am a Astra Horndog who makes frequent to Succubi and the Angels of Prostitution, I assure you.


Well, he’s earning an estimate of 50$ per month just from that book, and maybe it was even more when it came out last year, especially if he did some kind of marketing on it.

A low quality book with 12 pages I guess it takes 3-4 hours to prepare, and for now he earned like 700-1000$ from it.

So, rather than the angel of blowjob I would say that’s the angel of money :smile:

I read it. It is literally a page worth of information and a bunch of blank pages. I don’t know why anyone would buy it.

@Samael777 how would you know what he’s earning from it? :thinking:


Easy blowjobs! I would be surprised if people wouldn’t buy it :smile:

@DarkestKnight In regards to the earnings, there are some apps that you can use to see the stats of books on Amazon. Those are estimate but usually pretty close to the real figures


So did you guys allready evoked Degadiel??? It sounds great. What are your experiences?


I plan to try this week some time, next week failing that. Someone else PM-ed me saying he was going to try as well. So I was hoping to aggregate results here and see what happens when evoking the Angel of Blow Jobs, for science! Hopefully more people will try for more data points even though the “Book” itself leaves some to be desired.

The book claimed she was a spirit of Venus. So probably a Friday would work best, those are usually hectic days for me. And while the book author put in the sigil, he also claimed that he used Hebraic script for the name and altered it to form Degadiel “by adding a Yod”. I’m kind of pissed he didn’t include that in the book. Hebrew isn’t my strongest suit.


So, I finally got to Degadiel ritual just this past Friday…it was good and felt good.

Now things went well that night, Praise Degadiel! And we talked, and she was nice and eager enough to help to my request. But also I also was already to meet my lady friend that night ahead of time, to which she was versed in Degadiel’s art. And she did demonstrate it, more then once that evening :grin::+1:

She is some into magic, and our relationship is a bit Kink leaning. I asked if she was interested in me bring some extra energy that night, to which she consented.

It was a good night. But I realize circumstances are different in my case, so while I will be working with Degadiel more, I hope some others will try as well. I might be willing to buy a e copy of so for a couple of people for more data points.


May be I should also write a magick Book, ‘’ HAHAHAIEL , the angel of Happiness and it’s mysteries . ‘’. Publishing books is easy nowadays.


Go for it!

The sigil works.

I however asked her, being an angel of venus, to send unto me a spirit lover for the blowjob.

I had action that night between the waking and sleep state.

I have kindle unlimited, so I didn’t need to shell out money up front for it.

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Cool. Go and spread the word of Degadiel to lands far and wide! Until the whole of the world I covered in cover in her good message and BJ’s!

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Hm, I’ve only seen her enn made into a meditation video on Satania’s YT channel, and it confused the heck out of me… If you guys had success with her then I guess she’s legit - I’ll have to call on her myself lol

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I sincerely doubt she is a fallen angel…but she sure is something. Why not give her a call and see for yourself, what do you have to loose.

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