Defenses against psychic vampires

What are your favourite ways to defend against psychic vampires?

I’m not a vampire, BTW.

Freindly reminder, it’s against our rules to insult other BALG members or attack groups. A free BALG members identify as vampires so we do want to stay civil.

It’s completely fine to criticize and discuss a behavior, however.

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My answer is, be better at energy working than them. Modern vampirism teaches people very poorly about energy working principles, so this is not difficult, and you have the upper hand as they have to come to you through your wards and your space and make a connection. This connection works both ways.

You can choose how you want to respond, personally I take my energy back, maybe double, which removes the point of doing it and is enough to deter a second attack.

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May seem weird, but study the behavior of narcissists. YT is good for this. I like Narc Survivor, personally. I was involved with narc/vamp for a long time. Too long. And when I was around them, I always felt terrible, headaches, etc. It took me awhile to realize they were a vamp. When I did, I realized they had also surrounded me with similar people. I don’t go out of my way to interact with these people, but I learned how to mirror their behavior by studying their tactics, and turning it right back around on them when necessary, at which point they typically back off or give up what I’M taking, whether it’s something material or energy-based. I’ve also become attuned to notice when they’re trying to take my energy even when they’re not near me, and that is when I throw shields.

For example, if you notice you’re thinking of someone a lot for no apparent reason, they might be trying to vamp you. Put your shields up then, however you normally would. Also, I’m not saying all vamps are narcissists, but it’s my opinion all narcissists are vamps, whether knowingly or otherwise.


Thank you. I noticed similarities in your approach and in my thinking regarding my approach. And yes, there is a problem with obsessing over a person and a situation in this even though I normally wouldn’t. The person’s wife and daughter are the type of psychic or energy vampire that I mean - using dirty tactics and they are narcisstic.

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