Defense against Energy Vampires. Pink or green?

Normally through wearing pink and green the energy vampires are neutralised. The problem is i have a lot of contact with a girl who is a real energy vampire, drama queen and center of attention bitch. She wears the colour pink too but she still vamps anyone she can with her long disturbing and perverted stories.

The days when she wears pink eats a lot of sweets like all the time has she some candy in her mouth but even so continues to talk lots of bs to anyone who listens to her. Till now she never had something green on her.

  1. So what happens exactly does she neutralize other energy vampires through pink? is she stronger then the other vampires?

  2. Can energy vampires in time get to be imune to green or pink? A way of selfdefence for energy Vampires?

  3. If energy vampires wear green will their chakras be weaker and get sick? And eventuelly die?

  4. As defense… Is Green stronger than Pink to neutralize energy vampires? Or is gender related?

Heyy… Isnt it about auric colors ?

Because I dont think color of someones T-shirt would prevent vamp to drain you or affect it somehow.

I do vampirism sometimes just for fun or to strategically weaken my target … and no colors are stopping me or ever stopped me :slightly_smiling_face: I am also working with Akhkharu entities and never noticed some colour thing…

It is about the strength of auric shield… from my personal experience.


How interesting!!! Okay… Do you ever wear Pink? What about Green? Do you feel than weak or vital?

I wear every color … when I wear pink I feel normal/vital same as when I wear green… I personally feel no difference at all when it comes to clothes and colors :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome!! Thanks for your sincere answer @Dremora :sunflower:

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Check this out.



Wow VK has interest on such delicate issues too. That is cool.

Probably the thing is using colours as amulets. Maybe it functions better with some colours and with others not.

It has to do with projecting balance and harmony through colours and neutralize the stickyness-like energy from persons who are energy vampires and also family, friends or co-workers.

Colours are spectrum of lights so maybe using certain music Hz the vibration of colour pink or green would neutralize the action of an energy vampire in a whole room or even building.

Anyways if anyone try these kind of workings share your experiences